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Welcome to the Synchronicity Foundation blog. We cover many topics related to Modern Spirituality, from meditation, to holistic living, as well as commentary on current events from a spiritual perspective.

All of Life as the Diversity of One Unity

Written by Master Charles Cannon


“Nirvana may be the final object of attainment, but at this moment it’s difficult to reach; thus, the practical and realistic aim is compassion, a warm heart serving other people, helping others, respecting others, and being a little less selfish.”
~Dalai Lama

I like this quotation from the Dalai Lama. It is typical of his brilliant expression in which he simplifies everything because he knows most people can’t relate to holistic philosophical principles. The quotation is about inclusion made practical.

The Mother Archetype

Written by Master Charles Cannon


“That which was before heaven and earth is Tao.  Tao is the mother of all things.”
~Tao Te Ching.

The Tao Te Ching is a very old revelation and yet you will find the Mother archetype in all cultures and traditions.  The Mother is an archetype in consciousness, a primordial image, a pattern of human evolutionary transformation and metamorphosis.

Laugh at your Thoughts

Written by Master Charles Cannon


“As soon as you have made a thought, laugh at it.” Lao Tzu

There is a whole philosophical system, a complete holistic model of reality contained in this quotation from a great master.  It simply says you are the creator of your experience and that includes all of your thoughts.  The world is as you see it, but your experience of it is filtered through your data … your beliefs and your thoughts.

He who learns to give way is the master of strength.

Written by Master Charles Cannon


“He who learns to give way is the master of strength.”
 Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu always speaks from a trans-egoic and holistic perspective.  If everything is but the happening of consciousness… resistance is illusion.  In truth… how can consciousness resist itself?  Consciousness rather flows with itself… as all and everything.  In this understanding… he who gives way is the master of strength.

Great Doubts… Deep Wisdom; Small Doubts… Little Wisdom.

Written by Master Charles Cannon


“Great doubts… deep wisdom; small doubts… little wisdom.”
~Chinese Proverb

It has been said that the precursor to awakening is doubt.  It is that point in the evolution of individuated consciousness where we begin to question our experience of life.  It is when we have enough self-awareness to see through the illusions of the mind and begin to dismantle its limiting database.

Ignorance is Destroyed Spirit Shines Forth Like the Sun

Written by Master Charles Cannon


“Spirit is smothered by ignorance but as ignorance is destroyed spirit shines forth like the sun when released from clouds.”

Spirit is unified essence or Source.  It is the ground of being… the substratum or true reality.  It is also referred to as one blissful consciousness.  Such is the essential Isness of life… the ‘what is’ of life happening… within the eternal now of its happening.

All questioning is a way of avoiding the real answer which is already known.

Written by Master Charles Cannon


“All questioning is a way of avoiding the real answer
which is already known.” ~Zen Saying

All great masters have elucidated the difference between concept and experience.  Concept is the domain of the mind and experience is trans-mental.  The truth… we are told… is forever beyond the mind… beyond concept… within trans-mental holistic experience.  Concept may point us toward the experience… but experience begins where concept ends.

Those who think they ‘know’ from the beginning will never in fact come to know anything.

Written by Master Charles Cannon


“Those who think they ‘know’ from the beginning will never in fact
come to know anything.”  ~Thomas Merton

If your knowledge is an object in relation to you as a subject… then you are mired in the illusion of separation which is a virtual reality created by the ego-driven mind.  Such knowledge then is illusion… and illusion is not truth.


The greatest of knowledge is to know that knowledge cannot be known.

Written by Master Charles Cannon


“The greatest of knowledge is to know that knowledge cannot be known.”
 Chuang Tzu

The distinction that Chuang Tzu is making is that of knowledge or concept versus experience. To have conceptual knowledge of something is never the same as having the experience of it.  In this understanding… concept limits experience because it colors it in one way or another.  The greatest knowledge question then is… what remains when the concept is relinquished?  What remains is essence.

The 30 Second Whinge

Written by Noeleen Shaw


My husband and I live a very focused and well-balanced life together in our little country town.   It’s quiet and very conducive to the meditative lifestyle, except for Sundays.

On Sunday there is a market and, if the weather is fine, people travel from the nearby city to our town for a coffee, to sit in the sun, visit the art gallery, or wander the area – the market or shops, the playgrounds and park.   It’s a lovely place to live.