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Conscious Eating


Physical balance is inevitably tied to our diets and diet cannot be fully addressed without considering our eating habits.  Usually we take for granted the act of eating, and unconscious eating is done hastily and without any awareness of the process of digestion - the conversion and assimilation of nutrients.  So, it is worthwhile to bring awareness to this critical area of our daily lives.

Food Choices:  The choices we make will determine the balance or imbalance we experience.  Making a conscious choice to create balance is the first step in actualizing balance and the resultant holistic awareness.  Let us assume we have made a conscious choice in the foods we eat. Why would we want to shoot ourselves in the foot by eating unconsciously and creating imbalance by overloading our systems with “unprepared” food as it enters the digestive system?  This does not make any sense.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Does Meditation Help Health and Well Being?

Written by Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon explains the benefits meditation can have on your health and well being. Guided meditation audio programs have long proven effective for people learning how to overcome stress. Master Charles Cannon, the founder of the Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality and the developer of High-Tech Meditation, also presents a unique practice that delivers all the benefits of ancient Eastern wisdom traditions (including siddha meditation, sahaja meditation, nirvikalpa meditation and savikalpa meditation) but without the dogma or trappings of a foreign culture. This can impact every aspect of life in profound ways.

Saturday, 23 March 2013