AI vs IA, Part Three: The Power of Love

Written by Master Charles Cannon, Will Wilkinson

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“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.”
– Christian Lous Lange

Artificial intelligence may develop faster than we do, threatening our survival. But we have an ally.

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Love. What a word! It’s over-used, mis-used, and misapplied to everything but what it really is. We assume it describes romance, desire, happiness and yes, love is all of that but so much more as well. And, in essence, love names the overarching, all-inclusive power operative in the whole cosmos. Love runs the show.

As the German born philologist Max Muller said, A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.” 1 Note how his observation compares love to sunshine as a transformative power. Love transforms. And love transforms in unpredictable ways.

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“Consider how the caterpillar becomes a butterfly via the now well-known example of metamorphosis. The complexity of this alchemical change is truly incredible and it all happens insanely fast. ”

The complexity of this alchemical change is truly incredible and it all happens insanely fast. There’s a remarkable video tracking the day by day changes in the chrysalis (worth watching, see the link at the end of this post) and one observing lepidopterist reported, “The trachea did become visible surprisingly fast, within 12 hours after pupation, indicating that the structures either are more fully formed in caterpillars than previously thought or form very rapidly in pupae.” 3

So, just where are these bits of the butterfly formed? Where do they come from? Clearly, since this metamorphosis repeats itself faithfully every time, there is some sort of program involved. We’d call it a genetic program but can we responsibly just leave it at that? What is a genetic program? If we credit love - using that name - we could say that love renders invisible patterns visible. The butterfly exists in essence “somewhere,” while we still see only the caterpillar. Likewise with the tiny acorn and the giant oak tree that grows from it. And, of course, the sperm and egg that developed into you and me and every other human. Blueprints shimmer in the void, pre-determining the manifestations of love.

Love transforms in unexpected ways. Metamorphosis is indeed astounding. But, as one researcher exposed, “It has long been predicted that fossils should reveal many organisms in transition” between different types. What the record does reveal is a history of mass extinctions and sudden appearances of new complex types… Hundreds and sometimes thousands of life forms appear in their final form without transitions.” 4

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“Love – or consciousness, or life, or God… take your pick – working its mysterious magic over the eons, not along straight lines but with… imagination!”

This presents a problem for linear thinking that stubbornly denies the existence of an intelligence infinitely more capable and unfathomable than the human variety, operating according to rules we can‘t understand with our human minds. But operate it is, love – or consciousness, or life, or God… take your pick – working its mysterious magic over the eons, not along straight lines but with… imagination!

Imagine that! And, let’s make it personal. After all, a central aspect of the enslavement most humans suffer is belief in the stubborn intransigence of circumstance. In other words, thinks don’t really change. Or, “the more things change the more they stay the same.” How can we abide being doomed to such futility? That’s why we invented the lottery! Winning a few million, now that could change our lives. And if not the winning, perhaps the hoping suffices? Surely this also explains why we distract ourselves watching super heroes do the impossible. The more impossible their feats the better. The near failures and final triumphs make our fettered lives of mediocrity bearable… as long as we keep consuming a distracting diet.

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What if we lived transformational lives? What if we let love rule? As far as the future goes, that would mean superimposing another predictive scenario over the conventional debate between AI and IA — namely, the potential results of our imagination. Some of us may be a few steps down this path already, encouraged by anecdotal evidence that seems to support the power of thought or intention to influence physical events, like the so-called “Maharishi Effect” which was “an experiment in 1993 about the drop in violent crime in DC during a two month period of meditation. There were a number of problems with this experiment including that the murder rate actually rose. It was discovered later that ALL the members of the “independent scientific review board” were followers of the Maharishi, and the experiment has never been independently replicated.” 5

That comment is one of many easily found on-line, along with scores of others that defend the study. What to believe? Ah, now we come to crux of the matter. Consciousness, love, creates with imagination and without limitation. No proof of past success is necessary to permit the unpredictable magic of now. Imagining radical novelty into material form with the power of love… it’s as easy as turning a couple of thoughts into this blog!

How incredibly different and so much more inviting the possibilities for tomorrow suddenly seem!

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