BLISSFUL HOLIDAYS: Everyone is a Gift!

Written by Sydney Miller

Are they playing victim, hero or villain?

To have a blissful holiday season, just breathe, trust and watch. Just watching with a quiet mind balances the moment and opens the door to blissful awareness. And of course, in our human journey toward ever-increasing integrative wholeness, that’s sometimes “easier said than done.”

Woman in Hammock

If going straight to stillness isn’t happening, try the next best thing—balance the polarities with awareness of the Creation Game. Learn to recognize the game being played (usually negative) and flip it to the positive. Once that happens, balance brings enough peace to see that we are more than the story we had created in the game. We are not our “stories” but rather the one blissful consciousness that creates them for our human evolution.

Master Charles Cannon teaches the Synchronicity Socratic Process which masterfully guides the transition from negative story-telling to truthful story-telling to no-stories (which is peaceful and blissful).

Here’s a fun way to become more conscious of stories (by us and everyone else) during the many opportunities afforded by the holidays: identify the role of the person(s) you’re watching, according to the Karpman Drama Triangle of Victim, Rescuer/Hero or Persecutor/Villain. Descriptions of each role are below.

Focus on being present, look at your own reaction and see which of the 3 is the best mirror for you. Which role are you playing? Relax any self-judgment (“forgive yourself” if necessary), and then you become aware of the bigger picture of the situation for what it truly is—a gift of transformation, an opportunity to learn the number one lesson for which we are here, that is, learning how to love. That’s unconditional love, not the entangled web of conditional love which is characteristic of the Drama Triangle. Unconditional love is only possible in the quiet space of stillness and oneness, a unified field where, as Master Charles Cannon teaches, “there is no you, there is no me, there is only one blissful consciousness.”

All 3 roles are negative and fear-based, looking for attention from others to relieve the emptiness, pain and suffering felt by egos (in their role as game player seemingly separated from Source). In truth, egos don’t have an existence of their own, separate from Source but, as part of the Game, they are always trying to create one, always trying to become “more”. The joke is that, through this effort, egos become less and Sourceful awareness becomes more. Egos (illusory identities) are the tools of Source for our transformation and evolution which leads to their demise (no longer needed in enlightening states of being).

A YouTube Video by The Conscious Leadership Group, entitled “Understanding the Drama Triangle vs. Presence” (link below) explains the 3 roles very well. It also shows transformation possible in being “present” which transmutes the energy into the positive polarity with more positive outcomes.

A paraphrase of the roles they explain are:

VICTIM: at the effect of life happening to them; a person, circumstance or condition is doing something or not doing something that is causing the victim’s life to be as it. It can be: boss, kids, weather, traffic, economy, body, mood. Feeling powerless.

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HERO: seeks temporary relief for the victim; the hero doesn’t want themselves or others to feel bad, and just wants the immediate pain to go away. They are reassuring and doing things for the victim. They seek value by being needed by others.

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VILLAIN: getting attention by blaming themselves, others or the group. Key phrases are: 1) when blaming themselves: I shouldn’t have, I should have, I messed up; 2) when blaming others: it’s your fault, you didn’t give your best effort; and 3) when blaming the group: you messed up…. for all of us! Or: they just don’t get it.

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BUT WHEN PRESENCE is being experienced, the Victim becomes a Creator, the Hero/Rescuer becomes a Coach, and the Villain/Persecutor becomes a Challenger. Here’s how the video explains it:

The Victim moves from being Victim to being the Creator; they take responsibility for their lives and stop complaining about what is happening to them.

The Villain becomes the Challenger. Challenges bring healthy pressure to the Creator to support them in facing and dealing with their lives in a way that creates a breakthrough. Unlike the Villain, they don’t criticize or blame.

In Presence, the Hero becomes the Coach and doesn’t try to fix anyone. He sees everyone as fully empowered creators of their own lives and seeks to support them in creating the lives they most want.

Best wishes for a blissful, Sourceful holiday! And, if you like, add your observations and insights to your journal, for an amusing revisit later.



About the Author

Sydney Miller

Sydney Miller

Syd Miller lives at the Synchronicity Sanctuary in Virginia, the international headquarters of Synchronicity Foundation, and is one of the founding members.  She met Master Charles Cannon when he was still with his teacher and has been with him ever since.  Her gratefulness for Master Charles and his work is reflected in this blog which focuses on "Reality 3.0 ... Harnessing Technology for the Evolution of Consciousness."