Bodies are cleansed by water; the mind is purified by truth.

Written by Master Charles Cannon

“Bodies are cleansed by water; the mind is purified by truth.”

The mind is a thinking machine.  If we are not wakeful… it endlessly regurgitates its database.  Since the mind’s database is dominantly illusory… we remain mired in illusory stories and their resultant virtual reality.  In this way… we limit our innate bliss.

It could be said that we are writers of fiction and thus experience fictional reality.  To extract ourselves from it… we must change to writers of non-fiction.  We must first tell truthful stories before we can relinquish illusory stories.  It is in this understanding that truth purifies the mind.  Instead of endlessly thinking that we are separate from all that we encounter… why not change to thinking that we are one with all that we encounter?  In this way… we will cultivate truth, purify the mind of illusion and progressively develop a more wakeful holistic experience of reality. 

Since the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step… let us make this our focus for the week.  Grab the reigns of the mind and direct it to the truth.  Then observe your resultant experience… and don’t be surprised if you are more wakeful and blissful in the process.

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