Get rid of you present thoughts… that is all.

Written by Master Charles Cannon

“Get rid of you present thoughts… that is all.”
     ~Ramana Maharshi

The truth of one blissful consciousness is only ever experienced within the here and now of its happening. It is eternally present to itself because there is no other. All else is illusion.

It is our illusory thoughts… beliefs… and stories that distract us from this experience of true reality. The automatic unconscious mind is the culprit with its endless regurgitation of illusory fantasies. The important question then is what remains when the stories end? When the mind is still… the source beyond and within it is revealed. It is none other than one blissful consciousness… the essence of all and everything.

This week… let us endeavor to more wakefully explore the stillness of our minds and the experience of true reality forever beyond all our illusory stories. Always remember… in the absence of illusion… the truth is fully revealed.

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