Go Ahead and Lie, Its Profitable

Written by Master Charles Cannon, Will Wilkinson

Lie DetectorYou may have read about pop-science journalist Jonah Lehrer who was fired by The New Yorker and had his book recalled over plagiarism issues. Since then, he's also been exposed for publishing inaccurate quotes, incorrect narrative, and doing nothing to correct errors once they were identified.

So it should come as no surprise that an outfit called The Knight Foundation just paid him $20,000 for his public apology. Message to earth: "Go ahead and lie, it's profitable.

From fallen evangelists repenting their sins, to cheating celebrities who find Jesus, and politicians having secret affairs and taking bribes, lying is big business. Ironically, it's not much of a stretch to see why. At some level, all of us know the system itself is fundamentally deceitful. Honest worker bees lose their life savings overnight in an investment "scandal" where nobody beyond janitor pay scale gets prosecuted. Whistle blowers go to jail while those they exposed go to parties. Banks steal, cheat and lie; homeowners go into bankruptcy. Why not lie yourself, then? That's what the system seems to be built for and that's what our hero's model. Lance Armstrong anyone?

Of course, it's all a game. But here's the problem for us. Someone else is making up the rules. So, how can we hope to win? Easy, actually. Just play a different game.

In the lying game winning comes through accumulation. Get money, get fame, get praise. OK, let's just set a different goal, like, truthful sharing. Share your gifts, give appreciation to others, acknowledge your own inherent self-worth. Bingo.

Lie and you live in fear of being exposed. Truthfully enjoy what you have, where and who you are, and you live in contentment. And, you experience personal empowerment, because no one and nothing can take away that choice. Only you can do that, but why would you, when it's so much more fun to share than compete?

Ask anyone whose doing it and they'll agree. So, go ahead and share. It's profitable!

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Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon is a modern spiritual teacher, founder of Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality, and developer of the High-Tech Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle experience. His work over the past 40 years has helped transform the lives of millions worldwide who respect him as one of the truly innovative spiritual teachers of our time.

Will Wilkinson

Will Wilkinson

Will Wilkinson has been a professional collaborative writer for decades. He has two of his own non-fiction books In print, a novel on the verge and two more non-fiction books in final edit stages. Meanwhile, he collaborates with contemporary wisdom keepers, helping them discover and refine their voice.