Include Everything

Written by Noeleen Shaw

28I have this little spa pool which sits outside our home at the side of a small outdoor patio. It's June and definitely winter time in New Zealand. The trees are bare and they are leaving their tracemarks against the sky. It's clear and cold. There is absolutely no wind and the sky is blue, blue, and blue. Perfect for some "Spa Meditation" I thought.

I collected my iPod and towel.Put on my togs and settled into 35.9C of pure, blissful, bubbly hot water.

I played the new "Synchronicity Bliss" track and began my usual practice of focusing on my breath.

Bang, bang, bang went a hammer on the building site over the road.Then silence. Ah, peace at last, I thought. So, back to my breathing focus. Chug, chug, chug, chug; a helicopter slowly made its way across the sky. As it disappeared gradually into silence I realized there was noise all around me; birds tweeting, dogs barking, a few cows mooing their way across the paddocks. I began to feel frustrated and irritated. All I wanted was some peace and quiet.

Then there came a small downloaded message. "Include Everything." I settled down again to my breathing focus. I could still hear the surrounding noise choir, and that was OK. I floated into one hour of meditation.

Gradually, as I opened my eyes I could see those bright, dancing pixels of energy of the "quantum soup." Yes, include everything. All is one.

About the Author

Noeleen Shaw

Noeleen Shaw

Noeleen Shaw lives in rural New Zealand.  She is a 71 year old wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. A meditator for many years, seventeen years ago she discovered and started using the Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation system. Since 2000 she has had the good fortune to participate in personal mentoring with Master Charles Cannon.