It’s a Rope. It’s a Snake!

Written by Karon S. Dewey, Ph.D

is-it-a-snake-blogIn the May Question and Answer session on Modern Spirituality TV, Master Charles Cannon stated that our perception of reality determines our subsequent experience of it. The example he used is the rope and the snake. Without clarity, in the darkness a rope can look like a snake and when we project our data onto it our experience in that moment corresponds to our perception.
The great wisdom traditions teach that all that we encounter is the same blissful consciousness but our perceptions tell another story. Without clarity, a rope can easily be mistaken for a snake and we react accordingly. In other words, if we are mired in illusion we live in fear and have fear based reactions, but  if we choose to be truthful neither the snake nor the rope affects us because we are blissful consciousness watching the experience that is happening in the moment.
I remember during my very first meditative experience with Master Charles Cannon, I had a vision of a beautiful red rose and my perception was that he had given it to me. What I did not realize was that Master Charles simply was the reflection against which my own individuated consciousness connected with the universal consciousness. The rose was the symbol of the gateway to a more subtle experience. Of course Master Charles did not give me a rose, but my correspondent experience was one of gratitude nonetheless. The rose has always been a symbol of balance for me, presenting the gateway to a more subtle meditative experience. As individuated consciousness evolves, there is more clarity.
Our individuated data bases determine our perceptions, yet we are all flavors of the one ice cream, as Master Charles Cannon states, the diversity of unity. The point is to evolve self- awareness to the unified state wherein our experience is flavored with truthful data:  I Am… All is… One Blissful Consciousness. In the constancy of the unified state of oneness, our experience is euphoric and is reflected in our expression, which is simply loving being alive.

About the Author

Karon S. Dewey, Ph.D

Karon S. Dewey, Ph.D

Karon S. Dewey, Ph.D, is a writer and theorist, and has been living in the Shenandoah Valley practicing the holistic lifestyle as modeled by Master Charles Cannon for over 15 years. She has published five books including the trilogy “Divine”, “Night Light” and “Viviji”, as well as “Princess of Peace” and “Tantraum”. Dr. Dewey began her professional creative career in advertising as a copywriter and script writer. Dr. Dewey holds a Master of Science in Natural Health as well as a Doctor of Philosophy and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas, Austin.