Written by Noeleen Shaw


When I began to read Awakening From The American Dream by Master Charles Cannon and Will Wilkinson, one sentence caught my eye: "When did I lose my sense of wonder?"  As I contemplated the question, I thought of all the everyday things in my life I rarely consider. 

So, I am taking a moment now to consider my tongue.   Probably the only time it’s not in use is when I am sitting here typing on my iPad. But wait ... it's delivering moisture to my mouth!!

I talk with it, whistle, sing and chant with it.  I can very delicately separate out a mouthful of food with it.  It carefully measures my swallow as I drink.  It is an excellent temperature gauge for my food and gives me untold pleasure in sorting out sweet, sour and spicy.   It can even find that elusive raspberry seed.    My tongue is an airtight stopper to shift my breath from my mouth to my nose and -- when I was a cheeky little girl -- I would stick it out to be rude to people.

Anything else??  Hmmmm what about kissing?  :)

My favourite of all is my clever ability to lick an ice-cream clear down to the cone without losing a drop.

So -- magical piece of my anatomy -- I salute you with a sense of wonder and will no more take you for granted.

A final thought: there is one time when my tongue has a rest, and that is when I meditate, meditate, meditate.

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Noeleen Shaw

Noeleen Shaw

Noeleen Shaw lives in rural New Zealand.  She is a 71 year old wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. A meditator for many years, seventeen years ago she discovered and started using the Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation system. Since 2000 she has had the good fortune to participate in personal mentoring with Master Charles Cannon.