“No sleep… no dreams.”

Written by Master Charles Cannon

“No sleep… no dreams.”
     ~ Korean Proverb

It is commonly assumed that you have to be asleep to have dreams and that it happens once in every 24 hours. Yet great mystics and masters have said that most people are always asleep and dreaming virtual realities that do not in truth exist. From a mystical perspective… to be awake is to experience true reality as one blissful consciousness. If we are experiencing a virtual reality as other than one blissful consciousness… then we are obviously not awake but rather asleep.

So again… to be awake is to experience true reality and to be asleep is to dream a virtual reality. The important question then is… are we awake or asleep? A constant self-diagnostic is then appropriate… to determine wakefulness versus sleep and dreams… or whether our experience is true or virtual. Such is the foundation of mystical/spiritual philosophical systems.

This week…… let us endeavor to maintain an ongoing self-diagnostic that we might remain more wakeful of true reality and the experience of one blissful consciousness. In truth… there is only one. All else is illusion.

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