Real Progress

Written by Master Charles Cannon, Will Wilkinson


“What good is technological progress without moral progress?” 1

In a recent HuffPost blog, Queen Rania al Abdullah of Jordan wrote: “What good is technological progress without moral progress? Answer: It's nothing more than the illusion of progress.” She went on to suggest: “How about we pause, put down our devices, look up and listen to our hearts and our consciences? Not so much 'connectivity' as just connecting with each other. And if that moral progress could keep pace with technological progress then that would be, well, real progress.” 1

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Here's an even better idea: How about forging such a deep connection with the Source that unites us all that we become easily able to remain connected whether we are "on-line" or not? Too often technology is demonized as the reason for our disconnection. Not so, we take that into our use of every device... they simply amplify it. Instead of being victimized by our phones and computers, why can't we use these tools of the 21st century appropriately? Otherwise, we extend a tired old pro/con argument that obscures the real issue: the opportunity to connect more deeply than we ever have before through the progress technology provides.

Let's start here. We are connected right now, using the devices of the Internet and your computer. That's significant technology. Is it an impediment to our connection or an asset? Through this medium, I am able to greet you in the fullness of this moment and encourage you to savor it. You're looking at a screen, following one word at a time, yet we are able to have an intimate conversation. You can focus your attention... realizing that you are reading, breathing while you read, and that your mind/heart are examining the meaning of these written words which appear as impressions on your screen.

“Speaking of progress, here would be a notable breakthrough: liberating ourselves from the tyranny of linear time to experience the eternity of now.”

Because of the way I am choosing to use this tool, technology is supporting our spiritual "progress." In fact, we can experience the classic and effective teacher/student relationship, without either of us having to go anywhere. And, here's the lesson for the day: While it may seem that time is flowing in a linear fashion, that you are reading from past through the present and into the future, there is another possibility to explore.

When did you read the last sentence? At the time, it was now. When will you read the next sentence? In the future? No. It will also be "now" when you get there. Speaking of progress, here would be a notable breakthrough: liberating ourselves from the tyranny of linear time to experience the eternity of now.


Now is now. We only escape it in imagination and distraction. In fact, we are always present physically in the now - it's our minds and hearts that roam. Human time is an invention, after all. It's useful, just as money is useful, but these are tools for effective living, not rules to enslave us. What's real are seasons, the progress of life moving in alignment everywhere. But it's all happening now. Everywhere.

You are reading now. Soon you will be doing something else. If you find immediacy in these moments of reading, will you be able to sustain this during other activities? Perhaps it is not so easy. Distractions beckon and they are oh so seductive. How, then, to make real progress? Here's a tip: practice.

“This abundant flow of loving intelligence is freely available in any moment... there's the real free energy!

Practice using what some have called the "Innernet." This is the inner network of flowing connectivity all living beings share. It's not linear and logical like the Internet, it's mysterious and magical. Every day now, the world of quantum physics reveals ever more puzzling truths about this invisible field we live in, enough to convince us that Einstein was dead wrong. In fact, according to scientist Stephen Hawking: "Not only does God play dice but he sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen."

Unseen perhaps, but not unknown. That's the potential of this medium of connection with Source and therefore each other - there are no limits to the depth of our resonance together. This abundant flow of loving intelligence is freely available in any moment... there's the real free energy! After all, it powers everything... or did we think our hearts had a battery?!

Finding deep kinship with this reality and learning how to use everything that modern civilization provides to deepen our fundamental connection with what life is... now, that would be real progress”!


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