The American Dream

Written by Master Charles Cannon

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I’ve written a new book, soon to be published.  It’s entitled Awakening from the American Dream … From Crisis to Consciousness. There are many aspects of the American Dream that we could address, but the foremost among them is the pursuit of happiness.  You believe that you are here to pursue happiness and you pursue happiness through the material world.  The more materiality you acquire the happier you are supposed to be.  The more content you have in your life, the more stuff you get, the more you build your identity, and the primary stuff of life within the material myth is money.  

So your identity is usually based upon how much or how little money you have.  But this is a myth, it’s a dream and a dream is a fantasy.  Within the American Dream and the pursuit of happiness, you are really saying that you do not already have happiness.  You have to acquire it.  You have to seek it.  You have to find it. You have to acquire it.  And it is always to be found outside of yourself, in addition to yourself.  

If you are wakefu of your existence, of life here and now what do you discover?  When you turn your gaze upon yourself you discover a happy delighting energy.  In truth you’re already happy.  Happiness is your very nature.  It’s the nature of life.  You are already happy and yet you get indoctrinated into a philosophy of life that says you are not.  You must pursue happiness.  You must find happiness outside of yourself.  

>The primary way that you are taught to find happiness is through the other.  You’re taught that you are not whole and complete within yourself, that you need someone else to complete you.  This is the journey of illusory love—relationship, marriage, children, and family. It’s the myth about all the people that you can acquire that make you happy because you experience love from them.
But in truth love is another name for life.  Love is another name for consciousness.  Life is a loving energy.  It’s a self-loving energy.  If you are indoctrinated and taught to seek it outside of yourself in another person, you are denying it in yourself.  What happens in this illusory philosophy of life for all the robots who are unconsciously acting it out?  They are looking for love in all the wrong places.  The more you seek love the more you do not have love.  What you seek you do not have.  The more you seek love—the more you seek happiness—the more you do not have it because love and happiness—the nature of your existence is not outside of you.  It is inside of you.  

It is your very existence, moment by moment by moment.  Life creates itself newly in each nano-second of its happening.  You may think that you have been here before.  You may think that the person who you went to sleep with last night is the same person who awakens with you in the morning, and this is your greatest delusion.  It’s the greatest delusion of relationship.  You think you know the other person.  To think that you know another person is a great insult to that person because it’s a lie.  The woman that you slept with the night before is not the same woman that you wake up with in the morning because consciousness is ever new.  

It is ever evolving, changing, growing, transforming.  The only truthful experience of consciousness—the only experience of life we ever have is here and now.  And it is new.  So the question is, “Who are you now?”  And the person you are with, if you are in relationship, who is that person now?  In truth you’re meeting them for the first time.  Relationship is always delusion in terms of love because love is a verb and relationship is a noun.  Love ends where relationship begins.  You enter into illusory habits and your experience becomes habitual based on your memory, and the accumulation of your history.  In truth, you are really just relating.  There is no relationship just as there is no such thing as marriage.  Remember, when it comes to the experience of love, love is a verb.  It is happening always.  If you have not experienced it fully in yourself, there is no hope that you will experience it in another.  

Can you see the depth of this dream?  If you’re wakeful you can.   And when you’re wakeful that you are dreaming a dream you understand that you’re also at choice to wake up from it.  Your happiness does not depend on the dream.  That’s the message of the American Dream—waking up from it and being the blissful consciousness that you are and all is.


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Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon is a modern spiritual teacher, founder of Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality, and developer of the High-Tech Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle experience. His work over the past 40 years has helped transform the lives of millions worldwide who respect him as one of the truly innovative spiritual teachers of our time.