Today is the eighth day of the month and tomorrow is the thirteenth.

Written by Master Charles Cannon

“Today is the eighth day of the month and tomorrow is the thirteenth.”
     ~Zen Saying

It is obvious that this is an absurd statement. Yet… what’s it really about? It would be correct to say that the ninth day of the month follows the eighth from a logical orderly perspective. But…that is only one perspective… or the perspective of one relative polarity. What about its opposite polarity without which it cannot exist since everything is relative? The opposite polarity and perspective is illogical and chaotic. It is nonsensical… yet nevertheless valid. So… in truth… reality is both logical and illogical… orderly and chaotic… depending on polarized perspective.

Perhaps we are overly mesmerized by the objective logical and orderly polarity and its resultant perspective. Thus we miss the opposite and question its reality. Just a slight shift in polarized perspective and it’s all nonsensical. And when we embrace the nonsensical in relation to its opposite… we eliminate our seriousness. Then our reality but a mixture of the two… some sensical… some nonsensical… which create the relative balance that allow holistic experience.

This week… let us be more wakeful of both relative polarities and broaden our holistic perspective as a result. Today is September and next month it will be June. Isn’t that appropriate!

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