Transformation 3 - What’s the Point of the Ego?

Written by Master Charles Cannon, Will Wilkinson

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“The ego gets a bad rap because it creates such havoc and conflict and suffering. But, from a truthful perspective, the ego is the instrument of consciousness.”

The ego is created by consciousness for a purpose, namely so that consciousness can experience what it is not, within the relative construct of illusion. That is of tremendous value.

The ego is essential to the evolving individuated consciousness and to spiritual transformation. How could you experience what you are, except in relationship to what you are not? First, experience what you are not. Ego makes that possible but, according to the rules of relative reality, any polarity that reaches its extreme will manifest its opposite in proportion to it. When you reach the extreme of egoic experience and realize it is an illusion, that’s when an authentic balance between truth and illusion can emerge, allowing your holistic experience to expand.

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After that, the emphasis shifts increasingly from illusion to the truth of who you are. This is the post awakening evolutionary cycle. Within it, the dismantling of the whole illusory database that the ego driven cycle has built and substantiated occurs. As your experience of truth steadily increases over illusion, the truth becomes more apparent and experienced, while illusion fades. Truth disempowers egoic experience and dissolves its remnants. The illusory seeker dies and is reborn as the self-realized reality.

The process of personal transformation is not black and white; you don’t go from one state to the other in a day. It is a progressive experience and the two oscillate. Even though you might be truth dominant, you still have all the shadows of your illusory dominant history. Truth and illusion oscillate, allowing outdated, illusory data to be brought to conscious awareness and be eliminated, then replaced with more relevant data.

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“The ego plays both a constructive and destructive role.”

The ego plays both a constructive and destructive role. It can enhance or impede the process. Patience is required. In the natural evolutionary process, ego is always lurking in the background. It is the instrument of consciousness, after all, so we can’t just eliminate it. But, ironically, the very process it assists with will lead to its eventual demise!

During this transformative journey, you are being progressively brought into expanded awareness. As awareness increases and wakefulness increases, you are less identified with the illusory data of your egoic state, more able to be detached, to see it and recognize it, to know when illusion surfaces and becomes operative, and also to know the steps you can take to dismantle it and sustain a truth dominant experience of reality.

Author Tanis Heliwell writes, “At this time in humanity’s development many people are experiencing dislocation and confusion about their roles in society, their family and even themselves. To them it may appear that their former roles, values, and relationships are no longer valid. They question the purpose of their lives and everything that once had meaning for them.” 1

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“The successful search for meaning can only ever come to one conclusion: “I am consciousness! All else is illusion.”

When I read comments like this I always chuckle because rarely does an author pause to consider what the cause for this might be? If this is a trend in human consciousness, which it certainly is, why? Of course, consciousness is orchestrating this shift! But that is rarely acknowledged, which is ironic, since the successful search for meaning can only ever come to one conclusion: “I am consciousness! All else is illusion.”

This opens an intriguing possibility for one simple question to have a tremendous transformational influence. “Why would I do this?” “This” is the transformational journey many humans are undertaking. “I” am consciousness, part of that which is causing it to happen.

If you ask that question, notice what comes up in response. It challenges your sense of self and invites you to merge with what, with who, you already are. When you accept responsibility, not just for yourself but for the entire process of transformation, you are touching the reality that will continue expanding as you transform from the bondage of illusion into the freedom of reality.

“Why would I do this?” Imagine, embracing your identity as consciousness! Instantly, we become able to transcend all our human limitations. Instead of struggling with struggle, trying valiantly to improve our illusory experience, we simply shift to another level. Yes, the suffering and struggle are still there; we live in the human world! But now it’s different, because we have a perspective and a sense of knowing. We can say with confidence, “I trust this process because I myself am authoring it!”

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