Transformation 2 - Can we Control Our Spiritual Transformation?

Written by Master Charles Cannon, Will Wilkinson

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Do we have control or choice in the matter of our own spiritual transformation?

We seem to have choice, but only from an ego-centric perspective. The more trans-ego centric we become, the more we perceive that everything is orchestrated by consciousness. You as anything other than consciousness, don’t really have choice, because that you doesn’t actually exist!

Control, choice, accelerating or sabotaging our transformation is all ego-centric illusion. From that perspective, we can readily acknowledge that what can sabotage our experience of life are our illusory choices, revolving around the primary illusion of separation and the seeming duality of subject and object. As long as we maintain that separation, we create conflict between subject and object and suffering is the result.

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What sabotages us are our illusory choices and the conflict and misery they generate. Then, stemming from that, our irresponsibility. Immersed in egoic experience, we lack the requisite awareness to consciously realize that we are creating that conflict for ourselves, so we irresponsibly blame other people and circumstances.

The more we refuse to take responsibility for our lives, the more we vacate our power and, basically, shoot ourselves in the foot. This has become the standard lifestyle for most people who exist as victims with ambition and complaints, waiting for change elsewhere to ease their way.

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“Consciousness orchestrates everything. Unless you are aligned, there is no choice and control. There are merely ego illusions.”

You will tend to sincerely believe that as an independent subject different from all others and all else, you are in control of yourself. But there is no real entity there, other than consciousness. Consciousness orchestrates everything. Unless you are aligned, there is no choice and control. There are merely ego illusions. And who you think you are is an illusion too!

In my previous blog I referenced the illusion of “truth,” specifically, the insistence that one’s subjective experience will be equally valid for others. When that mindset dominates, a person may develop the “missionary” attitude and devote themselves to converting others. This happens in many fields, not just religious. There are sports missionaries and of course advertising is fundamentally a persuasion game. Potential customers are convinced they need a product or service because it is valuable, indispensible, the one “true” value in its field. It’s interesting to read reviews of products to see how different users have different experiences. Apparently a mop is not just a mop!

Of course, much of the disappointment consumers feel is the let down that follows vaporous promises. The promise of The American Dream, for instance, which is simply not being lived by the majority of Americans, has led to a dramatic let down. We see this reflected in voter dissatisfaction with both candidates in this election cycle. It seems impossible for those who support one candidate to understand why anyone would support the other, yet many voters barely support their own choice! They are more likely voting against the other one!

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“The ironic paradox is that as long as one is seeking one will never find! That’s because the one doing the seeking is an illusory identity.”

In an on-line article reviewing a powerful new book by Arlie Russell Hochschild, Talking with Strangers, A Journey to the Heart of the Right, blogger Chuck Collins shares Hochschild’s evocative metaphor that describes the attitude of many in America’s electorate today. “Imagine that you are standing in a line of people that rises up over a hillside. On the other side of the hill is the American Dream. You work hard, sometimes in dangerous work. You lead a moral life, honoring family, country, community and God and make sacrifices, such as serving in the military. You are waiting patiently, but the line is stalling, even moving backward at times. When you look forward, you see people cutting in line. Some of them are new immigrants and people of color.” 1

Here’s one of the many distinctions with our journey of spiritual transformation: no one can cut in line! There is no line. There’s no hill to climb. There’s no actual “progress” to be made. The ironic paradox is that as long as one is seeking one will never find! That’s because the one doing the seeking is an illusory identity. You may characterize yourself as a seeker because you seek a better state and you consciously want spiritual transformation. That’s where everyone starts. But the success of your journey depends on releasing identification with the one who is seeking! You are the one you are looking for!

It could take a lifetime to realize that. Or it could happen in a moment like this one!

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Master Charles Cannon

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Will Wilkinson

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