What kind of messenger are you?

Written by Master Charles Cannon


What kind of messenger are you?
~Don Miguel Ruiz

There’s a great author from the Mexican tradition—the Toltec tradition—whose  name is Don Miguel Ruiz.  Many of you may know of him from his writings, which have been best sellers and translated into many languages. His foremost book was entitled the Four Agreements.  I’ll be presenting in a conference later this month in Mexico City with Don Miguel Ruiz.  

I came across a quotation of his that I thought was particularly appropriate for our Sunday Morning Meditation.  It’s our focus for today and certainly and through the week and the rest of our lives.  The quotation is, “What kind of a messenger are you?”  Everyone, every form of consciousness, every form of life, which includes human beings are considered messengers in the Toltec tradition, the shamanic tradition of what is today Mexico.  And how are we messengers?  

The very consciousness that we are, the very life force reverberates within us and through us.  It is the power that empowers this human form and all life forms. So in and of itself, its very vibration is a messenger if you are wakeful enough to perceive it.  The true reality of all and everything is but its vibratory essence.  All and everything is a messenger if you can be aware, wakeful enough.  All and everything is simply singing the same song.  

It could be said that consciousness is the song.  Life is the song and we are the singers.  And yet this song that we sing, this consciousness, this life that we express through these human forms is filtered through our minds, through our belief systems, which include our words, thoughts, beliefs and stories that we hold about who we are and what life is.  Our beliefs, our thoughts and stories flavor our expression of life, our expression of consciousness.  

So each of us in our own way sings a uniquely diversified song.  Or each of us, in our own way, gives a uniquely diversified message.  So the question, “What kind of messenger are you” is a very appropriate contemplation.  It calls our attention to the song that we are singing, how we are expressing the oneness of life, the oneness of consciousness. 

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Master Charles Cannon

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