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Written by Master Charles Cannon, Will Wilkinson

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“Wakeful nothingness” is how the Gnostics described experiencing the ultimate mystery.

Balance maintained between inner and outer, yin and yang, heaven and earth, dilates the space between, known as “witness consciousness” or holistic awareness. Meditators know this space well; ultimately, it’s meant to be our permanent place of residence.

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Ironically, homelessness is reaching epidemic proportions in our modern world. According to a report from the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, there were 100 million homeless people world wide, as of 2005, the last year a census was taken. Estimates now range upwards of 200 million. In America, 13% of homeless people have jobs but still can’t afford housing and, of the estimated 2.5 million homeless people in the US, 1.37 million are children under 18. 1

What does this say about our society? First, that something serious is amiss. Understood as an outer reflection of an inner problem, we can diagnose this as a chronic condition of personal imbalance, multiplied throughout the global population. While well meaning social advocates wrestle with the physical realities and provide relief to many in important ways, it’s worthwhile to also muse on a spiritual solution.

Psalm 127 offers this fascinating perspective: “Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.” What might this metaphor point to? Perhaps it points to the vital importance of Source energy being the orchestrating force in our lives. If we are not living in harmony with life, no wonder imbalances appear. All the wonders of the modern world… yet millions of our own children have no homes.

“No guru is appealing because of the mansion he may live in! In fact, spiritual teachers are often associated with relative poverty.
Their wealth lies in another dimension but what they possess is often sought by those with far more material riches.”

What about us? Do we experience a sense of homelessness, even though we may be living in physical comfort, with a substantial roof over our heads? Many people do, even the wealthy. Those who recognize that something is missing are sometimes drawn to gurus of one kind or another, individuals who seem to be living differently. No guru is appealing because of the mansion he may live in! In fact, spiritual teachers are often associated with relative poverty. Their wealth lies in another dimension but what they possess is often sought by those with far more material riches.

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Anyone who is living in balance, experiencing this“wakeful nothingness,” carries with them a powerful energetic field, tangible enough to be felt by many people. And, they don’t just feel it, they get entrained by it. Something rubs off on them, so much so that radical spiritual awakening has occurred for millions throughout history, simply from being in the presence of one awakened individual.

That one was home. They were living in balance. They radiated a personal amplitude of power; they were harmonized with Source energy, flowing with the awakening impulse in the cosmos, and this phenomenon exerted an influence within their environment, not an imposition but an invitation. Those within entrainment range then had the opportunity to be prodigal sons… to come home, home within themselves.

It’s understandable that someone who experiences this sort of dramatic entrainment in the presence of a genuine master would want to elevate them to sainthood. But the true masters need no adulation. Their prayer is for others to join them, to share the peer experience of being at home in wakeful nothingness.

Obviously, meditation is a time when this experience can peak. But, as it does, the experience establishes a new personal baseline, one that is meant to continue evolving. Yes, one savors that high but also learns how to integrate it, then advances from there, constantly raising the bar so that one’s personal field of energy has more and more impact. The personal benefits are obvious but consider the influence far beyond.

Any individual may choose to develop their personal field. Meditation is a beginning; where does it go from there? Each day holds countless moments of opportunity to “come home,” to remember what really matters… sometimes it’s as easy as pausing to breathe, closing one’s eyes for a moment, remembering.

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Of course, our personal fields are connected. The more we develop our inner home, the more we feel at home in the outer world, wherever we may be, and the more connected we feel with others, regardless of how different they may be from us. Our fields merge in the One, and we increasingly live in the paradox of being alone together.


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Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon

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Will Wilkinson

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