Your way is very good for you, but not for me

Written by Master Charles Cannon

“Your way is very good for you, but not for me. My way is good for me, but not for you.”
     ~ Swami Vivekananda

A wise master once said to me… there are many paths to the mountaintop… but the mountaintop is one and the same. Such is but a holistic metaphor for the myriad evolutionary journeys of human beings. It is inclusive… tolerant and compassionate.

If we lack holistic awareness and are mired in egocentric illusion… we fraudulently believe that one path is better than another. We live in illusory comparison and judgment. Such is a very limited experience of life.

In trans-egocentric holistic trut… there is not a better way than ours… but rather another way… and all ways are appropriate as journeys through which we evolve.

This week… let us endeavor to be more inclusive, tolerant and compassionate. Let us honor all paths to the mountaintop and let us fully celebrate the path we are on.

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