In The Spotlight: Bobbie Garvey

Bobbie Garvey

I have been studying under Master Charles Cannon and meditating with Synchronicity Technology since 1991. I can truly say the experience has been life changing and I am grateful everyday for it. When I first started to meditate with Synchronicity technology everything in my life could have been categorized as “it should be other than it is”. I was a very stressed out mother of four working a full time casino job and trying to do both impeccably. Exhausted and frustrated would be good descriptive words.

Then I joined the Recognitions Program and started to meditate. This also led me to live a more holistic lifestyle. Almost immediately “life” itself began to look positive and peaceful. The change was so profound that when Master Charles offered personal mentoring I jumped at the chance to be part of it. I knew by then that I still had a lot to learn from him and was very grateful that he was willing to offer his assistance.

The years went by and the changes kept on happening. I can truly say that today, I would not even recognize that exhausted and frustrated “Bobbie” as my experience is totally the opposite. I am happy for no reason, peaceful, full of love and very grateful to myself for embarking on the journey and to Master Charles for showing me the way.