In The Spotlight:Brenda Ignorosa


I am Brenda Ignorosa, 30 years old and a proud student of Communications.

Before I found Synchronicity and met Master Charles, My life was very stressful and lacked the consciousness of living in the present. I worked as a writer in one of the most elite magazines in Mexico and was under a lot of pressure.

My encounter with Master Charles was the big door to something new. Before I met him in person, no one told me about him or even showed me a photo. I also had not heard any Synchronicity soundtracks or even experienced Master Charles from a distance at a conference.

My first meeting was with him alone. My boss wanted to impress Luis Xavier and sent me to interview Master Charles. I will never forget what she said: “Brenda go and interview this guru, you like this spiritual stuff right?”

So I did. I wasn’t nervous, for me it was just another interview, and I didn’t know the encounter would change my life.

I remember perfectly the interview, but the most important thing is that I felt a sense of peace while I talked to Master Charles and I knew I wanted more of that. That was the start of my journey.

I attended my first program at the Synchronicity Sanctuary four years ago, and I stayed a month two years later. My experiences have challenged me. I have questioned a lot and had my ups and downs, but definitely now with meditation and other important therapies I have fewer and fewer downs.

I have no doubt meditation is a great path to pursue and to find the best version of yourself. Please don’t stop. If you aren’t a meditator, give it a try and allow yourself a chance to feel peace and be what you are meant to be, love!!!!!