In The Spotlight: Cindy Moore

cindy moore september 2016

My life had been mostly crappy for too long. I was convinced I was a poor victim and just hanging in there. Then in 2005, when I was overwhelmed with anxiety and stress and barely able to cope, a friend suggested I try Marie Roycroft’s meditation group to help me relax.

RELAX!! Are you kidding? I had a profound experience, beyond anything I had ever known before. Blissful, euphoric, intoxicating, YES! I went every week without fail. The great thing was I felt everything I needed to know was right there for me without having to try and figure anything out. I just got it.

After one year of group meditations and meditating to the One Heart CD at home I committed to a daily practice and started The Recognitions Program in 2006. This was the best thing I ever did for myself and I felt so grateful for the Synchronicity technology and the teachings of Master Charles.

I noticed how much faster I was growing and becoming more of myself instead of trying to be someone I am not. I felt supported and OK to deal with my dark side. It was sometimes challenging, but as time went on the stories that came up repeatedly were less and less intense and I was able to watch without getting caught up in them like I once did.

It’s now 2008 and I am going to the Synchronicity Sanctuary in Virginia for a Stillpointe Retreat, WHAT??! Fly all the way to the United States? I would never have expected to be going there. Prior to that, Australia had been far enough for me to go. I was booked for five weeks of serve study and as a guest for one week. Everything fell into place like magic. Having no expectations became normal for me, WOW! The fun, cool stuff that happened I couldn’t have planned anyway.

On the other hand if something I didn’t want to face came up, it was the same. Having no expectations and just going with what was happening in the moment was normal and I could see when I was trying to hold on to stories that held me back.

This was the gift of a lifetime to meet Master Charles and be in such a hot house for growth, healing and realization. It was like super high-speed clearing with deep knowing and understanding, all the time becoming more and more peaceful in my core.

Not long after returning home to New Zealand the news came about the Mumbai terrorist attacks and the loss of Alan and Naomi Scherr. I felt so connected to them that I was deeply affected. I also felt a very deep peace. I will never forget the time I spent with them and how kind, generous and loving they were towards me. It was more than I could ever have imagined.

Fast forward to the end of 2013 when I returned to the Synchronicity Sanctuary, this time for seven weeks. I couldn’t help but notice the big changes in myself, and as the magical journey continued I enjoyed so much more bliss and laughter. I had decided to register for the Synchronicity Teacher Certification Training and am so glad I did. I really wanted to be able to give to others that which Marie had provided for me and the timing was right. Today I have a core group of people who enjoy a weekly Synchronicity meditation in Pukekohe.

I also always have the Now… the Technology CD playing and take it with me everywhere. I enjoy sharing The Becoming of Being and have that playing on my UE Boom speaker most of the time, and people love it. In fact the teller at the bank asked if I could turn it down as she was feeling so relaxed she was sleepy—I am happy to be different and that is really great for me.

I am truly grateful to all of the residents, staff and Synchro family, including all of you, for the peace you bring to our Oneness.

I am also forever grateful for Master Charles’ super cool work and being there for me YES!

Cindy Moore