In the Spotlight: Mona Kaufmann

Bobbie Garvey

In one of my first meetings with Master Charles, I was sitting amongst others in a living room in Melbourne when he started to greet everybody. I was watching him and suddenly tears started to flow. I perceived so much love in these exchanges and had the feeling of ice melting around my heart. The water flowed for 2 more days while I was experiencing joy at the same time.

My journey of discovering more love and acceptance of myself and others went on. Two years after this event, I moved with my husband and son to Virginia to join the community here. I felt I had come home … my heart did not search anymore. Meditating and living within the environment around Master Charles is saturated with his holistic energetic. I continuously watched my heart opening further. Yes, old habits and pains needed to be released to make room for the underlying love and joy that I now mostly experience. I consider myself fortunate to be able to serve on the Synchronicity staff and enjoy facilitating others in this miraculous experience of meditation with an living master spiritual teacher. My heart is singing along—filled with gratitude and living the miracle.