Thought Field Therapy Update


Our Kuwait Boot Camp trainer, Nawaf Al Othman, sent me these exciting photos of an aura pre and post sitting on a 7D cushion during his training in Riyadh. I have shared and demonstrated the passive healing power of the 7D items that we are using during my trainings. This is a clear example of this. Both the size of the aura and the balance of the chakras increased significantly with only 5 minutes sitting on the 7D cushion.

I also had a clear example of the passive healing power of these items in a recent Optimal Health training. As in TFT, healing and balance is actually normalizing not just increasing.  An example of this is what TFT has been shown to do with Cortisol measures.

I ran an HRV (Heart Rate Variability) on a person over 70 and their SDNN (Standard Deviation Normal to Normal) was 234 which is said to be too high in the research literature. So, if the 7D is actually normalizing, it should bring this measure back down into the normal range not raise it. That is exactly what happened, sitting on the 7D cushion brought the SDNN back down into the normal, ideal range at 172.

During one of our Well-Being retreats, a participant with chronically low HRV had a substantial, nearly five-fold (from 11 to 52), increase when she had her glasses and jewelry 7 D’d.  To put this in perspective, the research, Bilchik,, 2002, states that for every 10ms of increase in SDNN this equates to a 20% decrease in risk of mortality.

We have seen this healing effect on others as well including myself with dental implants.  In the past my body has rejected dental implants – three times they were placed and then had to be removed.  I finally resorted to a bridge.  Then last year when I needed to have two teeth extracted I decided to try one more time.  I had my dental implant posts 7D’d and then placed.  I had no swelling or pain and they healed beautifully.  This has given me a whole new, healthier option for my dental reconstruction.  

This same thing happened to Bobbie Garvey this year.  We are both very grateful for the opportunity to have healthier teeth.
In TFT, we are very aware of the importance of maintaining positive polarity and demonstrate this with a simple voltmeter during our trainings.  We have seen the 7D items also change negative polarity to positive polarity in these demonstrations.  

Recently, during our Well-Being retreat, and then duplicated in the Riyadh training I previously mentioned, an attendee’s polarity was measured with a simple voltmeter and shown to be negative.  When the individual applied the 7D healing pad to the area we watched the polarity move into a positive range.  We have demonstrated this numerous times in various trainings.  The 7D seems to facilitate the maintenance of positive polarity.

In the TFT world we are very excited to have these passive tools to support balance and positive polarity.