Retreats and Events

Retreat programs at Synchronicity Sanctuary embody The Synchronicity Experience in its most 2impactful form. Every Synchronicity retreat includes the opportunity to experience the enlightening presence of Master Charles Cannon as well as the Synchronicity Holistic Lifestyle and Contemporary High-Tech Meditation on a daily basis.

Synchronicity Sanctuary is a holistic environment that is consistently maintained in a state of balance through conscious intention. This Sourceful, nurturing environment supports the experience of multi-dimensional awareness far beyond what is normally available in one's everyday life. Thus, it is common for those who attend Synchronicity retreats to move beyond their usual level of experience to more expanded states of holistic awareness.

What People Are Saying

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"My experience at Synchronicity retreats and programs has been life affirming and life altering. I have been allowed and encouraged to find my own spiritual path not once being told what I should believe or not believe. As a result I have found a deep inner peace unlike anything I have known in the past. Furthermore I have found a community of people that have felt like family to me, people who are accepting and open."
- Eric Baker LCSW