A Memorial Celebration

A Memorial Celebration, Birthday Observance and Fundraiser in Honor of Master Charles Cannon

MC Smoke

Experience the continuing presence of Master Charles and the beginning of a new journey at Synchronicity Foundation

March 10-17, 2019

You are lovingly invited to join us for a celebration of the life of Master Charles Cannon March 10-17, 2019 at Synchronicity Sanctuary.

Come experience Master Charles' powerful presence, now in subtle form, and express appreciation for his contribution to your life.

Join us as we laugh and cry together recalling the Master's warmth, his intellect, his sense of humor, his wit and the many other gifts he shared with each of us. This is the cornerstone of our community, the ultimate legacy of Master Charles: the love he shared lives on in us and we delightfully go forth together to expand that love in ourselves and others, continuing his great mission on this planet.

Come for a day or stay for the whole week.

Some highlights of the program include:

• Time for reflection and meditation in high-energy locations on Sanctuary grounds such as Master Charles' Shrine, his Reception Room, the Environment and the Grotto.
• Nightly programs with opportunities to reminisce and share insights about Master Charles with the group if you so desire.
• Special messages from Brother Ben, whom Master Charles designated as his successor and the new Spiritual Director of Synchronicity Foundation;
• Nightly meditation sessions in the Environment .
• A sacred yagna ceremony with Ramesh on Thursday morning, March 14 (Master Charles' birthday). This powerful ceremony in honor of the life of an enlightened one such as Master Charles is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
• Newly updated empowerment technology, The Transformational Journey.
• Daily sessions of conversation and feedback. Trained facilitators will assist participants to complete with their experience of Master Charles in his physical form and make way for their continuing journey with the Master in his new, subtle form.
• Opportunity to buy Master Charles' personal possessions.
• Archival videos of Master Charles.

Dates: March 10-17. First evening session is Sunday, March 10, concluding session is Saturday evening, March 16.

For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 434-207-4489.

Protocols are available for extra charge.

Special protocol: The Transcendental Journey, an updated empowerment technology. And returning by popular demand are morning yoga classes. The Transcendental Journey is a newly updated empowerment experience from Brother Ben, the new Spiritual Director of Synchronicity. It uses technology to deliver Master Charles’ powerful energetic within the energy grids of the HTE room. The system uses color, aroma and sound and is radically enhanced with 7D technology. Two half-hour sessions are available each day. Cost is $100 per session. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for reservations.

Cost: $165/day or $1,150 for the week. Includes room and board, daytime programs, archival movies, evening programs with meditation.

Location: Synchronicity Sanctuary, 2610 Adial Rd., Faber, VA 22938