Sacred Heart Retreat
Beacons of Light, Living from the Heart

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October 20-27, 2019, Synchronicity Sanctuary

Sacred Heart Retreat: Beacons of Light, Living from the Heart

This brand new retreat is a remarkable opportunity to experience and embrace this powerful call to action from Brother Ben, Master Charles’ personally named successor and Synchronicity’s Spiritual Director:

“Master Charles reminded me and I will remind you all again. We can make this sanctuary the most powerful place on this planet, and all it takes is our collective intention…He told me this sanctuary was a beacon of light to the world and now we are beginning to understand exactly what he meant by that.”

Choose to be part of this collective intention when you join with others and attend the Sacred Heart Retreat.

Your attendance assures you will also experience the leading-edge of modern spiritual experience while being immersed in the energetic created by the long-time presence of Master Charles. Daily staff sessions focus on the retreat theme and develop it in many ways, including classes on truthful teachings and the simultaneous experience of the teachings.

Program costs include:

  • Daily evening dialogues with Brother Ben, followed by High-Tech Meditation
  • A 40-minute Sacred Heart Empowerment (SHE)
  • One massage
  • One Core Energetix session
  • Morning and afternoon sessions with Staff
  • Visits to Master Charles’ Shrine and The Grotto
  • Stretching with Yoga Teacher, Caroline Avant
  • Lodging and delicious meals

In addition, our full array of Holistic Protocols will be available to assist you in maximizing your retreat experience.

The Sacred Heart Empowerment (SHE) is an update on the Transcendental Journey offered at the recent Memorial Program.

The SHE experience uses technology to deliver Master Charles' energetic within the energy grids of the HTE room. You are also surrounded by an infusion of color, aroma and sound that is radically enhanced with 7D technology. Brother Ben will personally deliver empowerment to each participant as well.

Additional SHE sessions are $125, double sessions, $250. Spots fill up quickly and advance registration is suggested.

Date: October 20-27, 2019. Arrive Sunday the 20th, depart Sunday the 27th. Extended stays available for additional charge.

Cost: $1,950. Includes meals, lodging and one SHE, one massage and one Core Energetix session.

Register: Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 434-207-4489.

Location: Synchronicity Foundation Sanctuary in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Central Virginia (south of Charlottesville, the nearest airport).