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May 17-24, 2020

We are pleased to be able to offer what promises to be an amazing program, designed to balance and expand our awareness within the physical, emotional and subtle bodies. In addition to regular meditations in the Environment and Power Vortexes located throughout the Sanctuary, we have scheduled a full array of powerful group activities. Expect to be active and involved with a daily schedule that allows for participation and introspection in equal measure. Nothing is mandatory. Everything is encouraged.

Interactive Staff Sessions bring clarity to the mind and balance to the form. Facilitators include:

Julie Cowley : Clarifying the 5-fold Cycle
Kia Scherr: Forgiveness as a Bridge to Love
Mona Kaufmann: Navigating Transitions
Mary Cowley: Muscle Testing for Balance
Robert Caplan: Diet, Wellness and Life-Extension

Activities for physical and energetic healing include:

Easy Energy Medicine Yoga with Caroline Avant

Qigong and Tai Chi for Health with Lee Felton of the Tai Chi Foundation

These activities provide simple but powerful tools for removing blockages and maximizing the flow of energy through the physical and subtle bodies.

Daily group protocols designed to support personal exploration, include:

Sacred Sound Meditation with Megan Sprague

Sacred Sound is to the nervous system what food is for body. This is a unique opportunity to be held and nourished by a spectrum of tones and textures. Instruments will include Crystal and Himalayan bowls, gongs, drums, rattles, and bells.

Conscious Movement with Caroline Avant

Step outside of habitual ways of moving the body into a fluid state of body-mind freedom. Access ecstatic states of joy and turn on the body’s Radiant Circuit energy system strengthening your immune system for healing.

Special Events, unique to this retreat, include:

The Transcendental Journey (formerly the HTE)

An Evening of Ecstatic Chant (kirtan) featuring Gita Kali Natarajan, who has performed at venues and ashrams throughout the United States and India, including the ashram of Anandamayi Ma.

A Group Invocation of the Divine Mother

Together we will focus our intention and lift our hearts in a meditative invocation of the Divine Mother, complete with flower petals raining down from on high.

Cost of the retreat is $1575.

We Welcome You as One

For more information or to register, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 434-207-4489.

Date: May 17-24, 2020

Location: Synchronicity Foundation Sanctuary, 2610 Adial Rd, Faber, VA 22938
(near Nellysford, VA in the Blue Ridge Mountains.)