10 Minute High-Tech Meditation App

10 and 60 Minute Versions Available

10-Minute-V2-App-300Features Include:
1. More precision meditation, using High-Tech Meditation.
2. Create “Meditation” reminders to assist you in staying present in the Now.
3. With In-App Purchases, you can add up to 5 additional High-Tech Meditation audio music versions.

Synchronicity 10 Minute High-Tech Meditation® is an app designed to play a 10 minute High-Tech Meditation audio file. The 60 minute version contains the same meditation soundtrack included free in the free app but in a 60 minute version for a longer uninterrupted meditation experience.

You can also use the app to create "Meditation" reminders. These will remind you each day to meditate at any times you specify. Doing so will assist you in more consistently maintaining balance and wholeness in your daily life.

High-Tech Meditation® was created by Master Charles Cannon and is practiced by thousands of meditators world-wide for over thirty-five years. It provides a novel, precise method to achieve balance, wholeness and fulfillment in a fast-paced Western lifestyle.

You can learn more about Synchronicity Soundtracks by browsing this website. Or you can click here to go directly to the High-Tech Meditation description pages.

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Designed to be practiced on a daily basis, High-Tech Meditation utilizes Synchronicity Sonic technology to give individuals the opportunity to enjoy a precision meditation experience every time they meditate.

High-Tech Meditation works with all four brainwave frequencies -- Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta -- each of which correlates with specific states of consciousness. The 10 Minute Meditation audio is in the alpha level for a light meditation experience. You can add additional sound files to the app in the alpha level or in the theta level for a deeper meditation.

Traditional methods of meditation worked when life was slow, quiet and simple. Today's high-tech, busy, noisy world makes it much more difficult to sit in peaceful contemplation. The many environmental factors beyond the meditator's control create a frustrating inconsistency in meditation experience.

Environmental pollution and energetic stress caused by television, computers, and microwaves directly impact the human energy field, creating imbalance. Add in a world population of over 7.6 billion people (ever-increasing in conflict and dysfunction), and traditional methods of meditation are largely ineffective in experiencing stillness and expanding holistic awareness (trademarks of authentic meditation).

Fortunately, Synchronicity's High-Tech Meditation harmonizes the chaotic energies that otherwise impede the meditative process. In addition, High-Tech Meditation requires no religious belief system or adaptation of the cultural conditioning often associated with traditional systems.


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