The Seventh Dimension
Sacred Geometry Applied
7 D Technology

7D logo v3webConsciousness is multi-dimensional and human beings are multi-dimensional forms of consciousness.  The seventh dimension includes the supra-causal level of unified consciousness.  It is the most subtle of our subtle dimensions.  Its frequency of vibration has great amplitude of power and when dominant delivers holistic experience.

Seventh Dimension Technology… or 7 D Technology… is a vibrational entrainment technology that delivers the Seventh Dimension frequency of vibration.  It reverses the relative polarized dominance from dense to subtle and enhances holistic experience… the experience of high amplitude unified witness consciousness.

From a sacred geometrical perspective… 7 D Technology is a Big Three or Primary Three energy quality.  It naturally occurs in power vortices and in precisely constructed sacred geometrical spaces like pyramids, temples and cathedrals.  It is also the natural vibration of our DNA.  It is thus a balancing, re-vitalizing, healing and holistically expansive energy quality.  Consistent exposure to 7D Technology can alter objects at the molecular level.  It yields a clear, balanced and expansive field of energy.  It is also self-regulating offering only that which can be safely assimilated.  It is particularly impressive in terms of balancing the brain and transmuting negative energy through whole-brain synchrony.

Specifically selected objects can be permanently empowered with 7 D Technology.  Some are designed to be worn such as pendants, earrings, rings, scarves and shawls… and others are designed to empower special spaces like meditation rooms or offices or entire homes.  7 D Technology can also be applied to neutralize negative dominant electro-magnetic fields in such common devices as computers, mobile phones and home/office electrical systems.     7 D Technology… precisely employed… can thus radically transform people, places and things. The possibilities are endless.

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