Testimonials and Endorsements

Welcome to the Testimonials and Endorsements Page... Here, you will find a collection of personal expressions and perspectives from among our world-wide participants in the Synchronicity Experience.

Media Quotes

John Bradshaw

Meditation and mysticism come to life as Master Charles shares his experience in these rich pages. The Bliss of Freedom is a celebration of life…a glimpse of the potential and possibilities for us all, here, now.
- John Bradshaw

Steven Halpern

The act of reading The Bliss of Freedom simultaneously inspires the reader as it ineffably entrains you to the energetic emanation of your true nature…and Source. It's a wake-up call and a reminder that's never been more timely or needed.
- Steven Halpern

Lynn Andrews

The Bliss of Freedom is an extraordinary exploration into the landscape of enlightenment. Master Charles is an inveterate teacher and guide for the Twentieth Century soul.
- Lynn Andrews

Los Angeles Times 

Master Charles' work is on the cutting edge…these soundtracks allow people to quickly experience the benefits of long-term meditation.
- Los Angeles Times

Carol Kramer, Editor 

Master Charles' Synchronicity Contemporary Meditation Soundtracks combine science with the ancient art of meditation…I found them to have an immediate effect, both calming and expanding, from the very first moment of hearing them…of all the meditation soundtracks I have listened to over the last few years, I have never experienced any that delivered this particular noticeable effect so quickly.
- Carol Kramer, Editor
  Body, Mind and Spirit

CBS Morning Show 

These soundtracks meditate you.
- CBS Morning Show


Professional Endorsements:

Like the archetypal hero, Master Charles has encountered the depths and heights of his own being. He has returned from the journey a true Master, whose expanded presence is a catalyst for those lucky enough to meditate with him.
- Marita Digney, Jungian Analyst
  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

To describe Master Charles in words does not do him justice. The person and the energetic presence have to be experienced. A few moments with this enlightening Master can open windows to the soul.
- Sharon Haase, Occupational Therapist
  Newfoundland, Canada

Prior to meeting Master Charles, I had only read, with envy and amazement, about the mystical experience. Being with Master Charles brought it within my reach.
- David Downey, M.D.
  Auckland, New Zealand

With humor and bliss, Master Charles holds open the portal of the soul. It is there that one finds God as the splendor of one's own true selfless self. This is the breathless wonder of liberation!
- F. Pearl McBroom, M.D.
  Pacific Palisades Highlands, California

My first encounter with Master Charles was the beginning of the most exciting, intense, indescribable period of my life. During the ensuing years of association, I have had profound mystical experiences, gained a clarity I never believed possible, and cleared away many of the limiting concepts and conditionings of my fundamentalist childhood. It is very freeing!
- Paul Shannon, Physicist
  Washington, D.C.

As a radical, retired Angelican priest, I consider Master Charles to be the most Christlike man I have ever met. He has the amazing ability to put his finger on parts of me that I would rather not know about. In doing so, he lures me gently and lovingly towards my own center.
- Jeremy Shaw, Angelican Priest
  Auckland, New Zealand

Meeting Master Charles started me on a journey of challenging my beliefs and the validity of all my accumulated knowledge. Many of my concepts have been shattered, but have been replaced by the experience of greater clarity and calmness in all areas of my life. Master Charles is an inspiration to explore mysticism, not philosophically, but rather experientially and to move beyond what I know.
- Dr. Rudolf A. Kaufmann,
  Psychotherapist and Management Consultant
  Bremen, Germany

Since meeting Master Charles, and becoming a regular meditator, the things that I liked least about myself - poses and disguises, costumes of the soul - have slipped away. Greater illumination takes their place. My world is more peaceful now than it has ever been.
- Joan Alk, Registered Nurse
  Port Townsend, Washington

In Homer's Odyssey, Odysseus took delight in a certain man because he knew how to give good welcome. Like that man, Master Charles has the same quality to give good welcome to many.
- Stephen Feinberg, Chairman, St. John's University
  Annapolis/Santa Fe

Master Charles has been a kind friend and generous, challenging teacher for the 15 years I have known him. In times of dark despair he has given quiet support and gentle wisdom. At joyous moments he has shared in jubilation. Through it all my spiritual practice has grown and matured through his inspiration. As a beacon to the Great Beyond, his light has been a wonderful Source of guidance and focus. Whenever I am with him, I experience a contagious, expansive and sublime energy.
- Michael Horwitz, M.D.
  Diplomat, American Board of Internal Medicine

The work of Master Charles and Synchronicity Foundation is on the cutting edge. The Synchronicity Experience is contemporary spirituality. It connects you to your Source and delivers the fulfillment of being human.
- Dr. Philip Duncan, M.D., F.A.C.P.
  Vice President of Medical Affairs, Fayetteville, AR

General Public Endorsements:

In the year 2000 I spent a wonderful two weeks at the Synchronicity Sanctuary in Virginia which included a Mastery Program.  The intense meditation experience during the program opened up my awareness to possibilities I never even dreamed of! These experiences have culminated in my present blissful life, living each moment to the full. I am now 70 and I contemplate this life in this moment with joy and deep gratitude. Thank you Master Charles.
- Noeleen Shaw, NZ

My 6 years of using the Recognitions meditation program have truly changed my life.  I have watched my fears melt into the background and am seeing relaxation, focus, peace, and well-being rise to the forefront. I am happy and contented being me and am enjoying life, however it unfolds.
- Gayle Lemmond, VA

I have been meditating as a Recognitions Associate since November 1991. A few months later my then wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer and throughout that final year I meditated faithfully every day using the  Synchronicity Recognitions Program. I found the peace and stillness of those meditations went a long ways in helping me to handle the most difficult period of my life up to then.The resulting experience has been one of much love, joy and peace on a daily basis. It has also helped when I have experienced ill health especially when I have spent time in the hospital. I carry my meditation soundtracks with me wherever I go on my iPod. I still continue with my Recognitions Core Dynamics Program daily, with the result that my whole life seems to be one long blissful meditation! I thoroughly recommend this to anyone who wishes to experience the great illuminating journey; which for me is the greatest adventure I have ever undertaken.
- Jeremy Shaw, NZ

I first met Master Charles in Melbourne, Australia in May,1991. From the first moment I heard him speak, my impression was that there was something very special and familiar about him and of course what he was saying. I felt the connection so strongly that I went to see him again several times over the following week, finishing with an all day intensive and my joining the Recognitions Program. From that point forward my life began to change for the better in ways that I would not have imagined possible. One of these changes related not only to the fact that my heart opened but also to the speed and extent in which this took place. Now, more than 21 years on, when I look back at the person I was, compared to the person writing this, it feels as though that was another lifetime.
Thank you so much Master Charles!
- Shamir James, Aus

I love the Recognitions Program as it is working on me from several different levels! I learn more about myself and am growing through working the various components I study every month! Meditation is very deep and transforming! I started in March of this year and can definitely know I have changed!
- Desmond Clark, AL

My whole life was turned around when I met MC.   I had taken time out from work and was pretty depressed, but one day I heard a tape a friend was playing and it entrained me into a meditative state - and while I was eating lunch! When I inquired about the music I discovered MC and as soon as I could arrange it I was on the Recognitions Program.  Subsequently, I found myself in good health and back studying at University. Words cannot express my gratitude to MC for the support and encouragement he has given me over the years.
- Phyl Graham, Aus

Dear Master Charles, thank you very much for helping me discover myself.  Sourceful regards.
- Ramesh

Dear Master, this week you gave us a one-word vocabulary – “One!”.  To this we must add five more – “The Master is the means”.  Thank you for a wonderful week.  We look forward to serving you in Nashville...
- Patty & Phil

Dear Master Charles, the beauty of your soul and purpose illuminates so many...  As usual, I thank you for what you have brought forth in me!  I love you with all my heart and soul.  In oneness, light and love.
- Joni

Dear Master Charles, I would like to offer my deepest gratitude to you and your organization.  I felt welcome the moment I stepped off of the airplane in Charlottesville.  I admire the strength and humility of all your students.  They are a true testament to the work that you’ve done to uplift the planet.  I’m also thankful in gaining a deeper appreciation for the meditative benefits of your technology.  The High-Tech Empowerments brought my entire being into a state of bliss and ecstasy.  I’m leaving Virginia feeling uplifted and inspired!  With love and deep gratitude.
- Brandon

Dear Master Charles, on the occasion of your birthday, I offer you my appreciation – in the form of a statement you are most welcome to use in your marketing, if it pleases you.
- Sam Bise

Dear Master Charles, Thank you for your endless focus in creating such a Sourceful environment for all to experience their Divine Presence...   Thank you...  for opening my eyes to such beauty.
- Alicia

Dear Master Charles,  My heart is full of gratitude to be here --- aahh…  I celebrate the serving – the service to myself and the reflections of my divinity here and now.  Thank you for Synchronicity.  Thank you for Being my Teacher, Thank you for allowing this opportunity for my Presence.
- Donna

Dear Master Charles, this bridge on this card reminds me of you.  You help so many cross over from illusion to the bliss of freedom.  I am so grateful for your being.  With love, in oneness.
- John

Dear Master Charles, I want to thank you for your loving, solicitous care of all of us at a time when you yourself are grief-stricken.  The teleconferences, the live video, your talks, the interviews – have all been very helpful, healing and inspiring.  I hold you in my heart.  I am sorrier than I can say for your terrible loss.
- Joan Smith

Dear Master Charles, It is with great sorrow I write to you, but also with overflowing love, respect and gratitude. 

Thank you and bless you for extending not condemnation or anger to the terrorists but your love, for we truly all are one, all source – and this is the only way.  It is not only a testimony to your incandescent character and the work and message of Synchronicity but also a beacon of genuine hope for peace on this planet. 

This will never lessen the loss of Alan and Naomi but as I wrote to Kia, that such amazing goodness and forgiveness can come from this tragedy means that Naomi and Alan are with us very alive and leading them through darkness into love and light.

Thank you for exemplifying – for all the world to see – loving kindness.  Thank you for being the beautiful human (although sometimes we all wonder if you’ve not already slipped into the ethereal god-like/goddess-like other realms!) pillar of strength and courage that you are.  And thank you for being an embodiment of pacific actions and spreading compassion, forgiveness and Oneness throughout the world.

With my undying respect, admiration and love
- Kay

Dear Master Charles,  My gratitude for your Love, your Humanness, your Example and your Teachings. Thank you for your uplifting perspective on this tragedy. 
I love you.
- Joe Mitchell

Dear Master Charles,  In the midst of sorrow from this great loss, the incredible love that has been created is so powerful.  It continues to manifest peace and love this very moment.  It is in this understanding that we can be assured that the loss of Alan and Naomi was not in vain.  I continue to flow this love in honor of Alan and Naomi, and the many others that suffered or perished.  I hope it will assist you and the community in healing from this experience.  Master Charles, I love you very much and owe you so much gratitude for all that you are.
- Chris

Dear Master Charles,  This card could be seen as a variation on your story about the soup spoons with handles twice as long as people’s arms!  Thank you for reminding us of our ultimate duty as caretakers for one another.

I was blessed to be able to watch the podcast of the touching and lovely memorial service on Sunday.   I have never been more aware of how blessed we are that you still walk amongst us.  And I have never been more aware of the importance of modeling that which you teach.

With great love for you, my Synchronicity family, and all humanity, I wish for all a very Sourceful New Year!
- Jan

Dear Master Charles,  Thank you for opening me to the love and divinity that lies within my very own heart.  Your gift of grace is truly the best and most beautiful things in the world!!
  All my love,
- Deborah

My Dearest Guru,  I don’t know how to thank you for these past 10 days.  My heart is so full, I have had experience that I have always dreamed of having.  I have become a wish-fulfilling tree!  My intentions began manifesting almost immediately after the yagna started and I am so excited about all the power I am taking home with me.  I am forever grateful for the privilege of being your disciple, and all the grace and blessings that you offer.  I’ll be seeing you in Nashville! One BIG Love,
- Deborah

When I met Master Charles, the truth of my own being was revealed. An experience I had longed for so much, read about, contemplated - yet never believed that I ever would be able to attain. The ability to give us a glimpse of our true nature is the proof of a true mystic. Master Charles is without any doubt one of the very few living mystics of our times.
- Marlena Simon
  Aschaffenburg, Germany

While listening to Master Charles on the CD, especially the track of Welcome to My World, I have experienced a state of mind that I cannot accurately articulate, as I have never known such moments of peace and tranquility.
Please accept my deepest gratitude.
- Sincerely,  A Seeker

Synchronicity Meditation has changed my life from the inside out. It has been a slow, gradual process. What kept me engaged initially was that I enjoyed meditating for the first time. Over the three and a half years I have been in the Recognitions Program, the ground on which I stand has shifted. Where there was confusion, there is clarity. Where there was despair, there is now joy. Although I do not live in a steady state of joyful clarity, I now know the road back to them when I find myself in the dark again. For me, comprehending the roadmap of 'truthful reality' that Master Charles teaches has been central to this shift. Being in Master Charles' presence at Mastery Programs, living the 'Holistic Integrative Lifestyle' as best I can, and the powerful, repeated experiences I have had meditating with Synchronicity technology have made my life fulfilling as never before. I am grateful every day.
- Jean Matlack