A Holistic Way of Life

Written by Master Charles Cannon


“The Buddha did not teach Buddhism. He taught a holistic way of life.” [S.N. Goinka, a Buddhist scholar]

The Buddha did not teach Buddhism. He taught a holistic way of life. You could apply this to any great master. Christ did not teach Christianity; he taught a holistic way of life. Krishna did not teach Hinduism; he taught a holistic way of life. So it begs the question, what is your way of life? What way of life do you follow?

Your way of life is born of your philosophy of life. What is your philosophy of life? Most people’s philosophy of life is the result of their enculturation, the indoctrination, the conditioning of your early human years, what you were taught by your parents, your family values and the values of your culture, of the society around you. In this understanding, in what is termed the involutionary cycle of life in individuated consciousness we are all robots—automatons. We are programmed. The software is inserted and for the rest of our lives we most often unconsciously act it out, unaware that we are just programmed. We are programmed with a belief system, a philosophy of life and our life is then based on our beliefs.

For most Westerners our philosophy of life is materialistic, heavily invested in the material myth, which means our god is money. Yet we give lip service to religion and present it as our ultimate value, which is really a lie. God is secondary in Western culture, whether you are Christian, Judeo-Christian, or Eastern in your religious orientation. And within the material myth we find the dream that is expressed in this culture and many other cultures as well. This dream is termed the American Dream. The American Dream prescribes as your philosophy of life—your way of life. It is your programming. So whether you think about it or not, you live the American Dream as your way of life.

The Buddha and all great masters teach about being whole. They teach a philosophy of holism. Philosophies of holism say that in truth there is only one. They also teach that in the oneness of life you are already fulfilled. You are but a blissful, delighting, happy consciousness. Your very nature is love and you are so full you are overflowing with love. You don’t find love in another. You are love born of the overflowing of the fullness and the wholeness of your life experience. So rather than seek happiness, rather than seek love turn your gaze upon yourself. Extract yourself from the dream, the fantasy, the “pursuit” of happiness and be the happiness, be the love that you already are. This is the holistic way of life.

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Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon is a modern spiritual teacher, founder of Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality, and developer of the High-Tech Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle experience. His work over the past 40 years has helped transform the lives of millions worldwide who respect him as one of the truly innovative spiritual teachers of our time.