A mind well-watched, a mind tamed, brings happiness.

Written by Master Charles Cannon

“A mind well-watched, a mind tamed, brings happiness.”
The Dhammapada

Wakefulness is holistic experience.  Holistic experience is being blissful consciousness because wakefulness unveils the innate bliss of the one consciousness that is all.

Busy minds limit wakefulness.  Thoughts, beliefs and stories distort holistic reality and veil the innate bliss of consciousness.  A mind tamed then is the gateway to wakefulness and holistic experience.

Right here and right now… just watch your mind.  Look for the spaces between your thoughts.  Then focus on the empty spaces and let them increasingly dominate. In this way… you as a witnessing consciousness are simply watching emptiness.  Observe how your holistic awareness expands and your innate bliss is revealed.

Make this your focus for the week.  Just watch the empty spaces of the mind… and enjoy a more blissful experience of life.

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