All living beings have buddha nature...

Written by Master Charles Cannon

“All living beings have buddha nature. But owing to their delusions… they cannot recognize this truth.” The Buddha

The primary question within this quotation is… what is buddha nature? Buddha nature is our essence… and the essence of all and everything… as one blissful consciousness. Such is the nature of true reality.

But… because of our delusions… we cannot recognize this truth… so says the Buddha. What did he mean? Perhaps delusions are illusions… our illusory thoughts, beliefs and stories… about who we are and what life is. Because we are so identified with them… we cannot see beyond them. Then we are deluded and cannot recognize essence as one blissful consciousness.

The primary remedy… according to the Buddha and all great sages… is meditation. It allows us to explore the experience of who we are and what life is… without our deluded illusory stories about it. It is thus the gateway to the experience of true reality as one blissful consciousness.

This week… let us fully embrace our meditations and celebrate the experience of true reality that they deliver. Bottom-line… they open us to essence as but one blissful consciousness… the ultimate of fulfilling human experience.

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