Beauty is the index of a greater truth than wisdom.

Written by Master Charles Cannon

“Beauty is the index of a greater truth than wisdom.”
Sir Oliver Holmes

Has it not been said that ‘what is’ simply is… and then there are the stories we tell about it.  It could also be said that simple ‘isness’ is beauty.  The essence of true reality… its ‘isness’… is a comprehensive oneness that defies illusory separation.

Wisdom… if it is defined as intellectual knowledge… is but the limited domain of the mind.  Imposed upon ‘isness’… the simple ‘what is’ of life… wisdom distorts and obscures true reality.  Is it not our use of the mind with its illusory definitions, stories and beliefs… that turns ‘what is’ into ‘what isn’t’?  If ‘what is’ is but a joyous energy… then ‘what isn’t’ is its absence as self-imposed fantasy.  The challenge then is to relinquish illusory wisdom and enjoy the beauty of ‘what is’ as the essential joyous energy of life.

This week… let us endeavor to increase wakefulness and dismantle illusory wisdom.  Let us simply be as we are… flowing ‘isness’… the truthful ‘what  is’ of life as one joyous energy… forever delighting in itself.


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