Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity.

Written by Master Charles Cannon

“Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity.”
Ray Bradbury

This is an interesting statement.  Why is it true?  Simply put… it is true because creative insight is innate to consciousness and the thinking mind distorts and limits consciousness.  This can easily be validated by stilling the mind and maintaining it in duration.  When the mind is still and dominantly empty… we are intuitively aware of the momentary happening of consciousness… beyond the limiting definitions and stories of the mind.  We are truthfully aware that consciousness is blissfully happening and that the mind is not necessary to cognize it.

Within relative reality we experience both universal and individuated consciousness.  Individuated consciousness is centered in the heart-field and universal consciousness is centered in the crown or the subtle dimensions beyond the mind.  Both individuated and universal consciousness are coherent fields and therefore harmoniously interact.  The mind-field is an incoherent field between the two and therefore cannot harmoniously interact.  Only when the mind-field is maintained in balance and dominant stillness… does it yield to the harmonious interaction of universal and individuated consciousness.  Thus it has been said that the truth is forever beyond the mind.

This week… let us explore the pure innate creativity of consciousness by removing the mind from the equation.  Periodically suspend thinking and sustain mental stillness in duration.  Then simply observe the creative insight of consciousness as it is revealed in the harmonious interaction of individuated and universal consciousness as holistic awareness.  As has been aptly said… be still and you will know.

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