Meditation… the Essential Ingredient in Human Fulfillment

Written by Master Charles Cannon


“In my end is my beginning.”
T.S. Elliot

     Reality is a full-spectrum, multi-dimensional consciousness from the most subtle dimensions to those which are the most dense.  Consciousness creates the Relative Field as the arena of all experience, which in truth is nothing less than the experience of itself.  At the most subtle level of reality, the relative polarities are unified, and both polarities, Being and Becoming, are experienced as the same consciousness.  Such is the experience of unified consciousness or oneness.  

The above quotation refers to this state of unified consciousness insofar as the polarities of ending and beginning are not separate from each other but are experienced simultaneously.  It is therefore a truthful statement from a subtle dimensional perspective.
     Kashmir Shaivism, the central philosophy of Tantrism, which is the orthodox basis of Modern Spirituality, explores the most subtle levels of reality in great detail.  Kashmir Shaivism is an update of the Tantric philosophy of life which is the oldest philosophical system in recorded human history.  The sages of Kashmir Shaivism appeared between the seventh and twelfth centuries and evolved the Tantric system to more subtle levels of delineation and understanding.  It could be said that it is the master philosophy with regard to subtle dimensional reality.  In all my years of philosophical exploration, I have found nothing that even comes close to its profound overall delineation.  It is indeed the master philosophical system with regard to the comprehensive nature of true reality.
     According to Kashmir Shaivism and Modern Spirituality, the Relative Field emerges from the Void.  In its first level of manifestation, the relative polarities are unified as one consciousness.  They are termed Being and Becoming or subject and object.  This is the purest level of creation.  There is no separation.  Source consciousness is aware of itself as the simultaneity of Being and Becoming….. subject and object.    In other words, both polarities are simultaneous in experience and neither dominates the other.  The oscillation of the polarities is so fast (infinite velocity) that they cannot be experienced as separate.  Such is the ultimate level of relative reality as one source consciousness delighting in itself.  It is holistic reality.
     The human being is a microcosmic representation of macrocosmic universal reality.  Therefore, what is operative at the universal macrocosmic level is likewise operative at the individual microcosmic level.  This holistic experience emerges in the more advanced stages of meditation when subtle dimensional dominance has been substantiated.  In Kashmir Shaivism, the experience is termed Sahaja Samadhi in Sanskrit.  Samadhi means absorption and Sahaja means naturally or spontaneously occurring.  It is the spontaneous absorption of both relative polarities into one unified consciousness.  In Modern Spirituality, it is referred to as the absorption of unified consciousness.  Again, it is the experience of holistic reality.
     The meditative progression that culminates in Sahaja Samadhi is as follows:  
1.      Witness Consciousness….. consciousness is the detached observer of both subject and object.
2.      Unified Witness Consciousness….. both subject and object are witnessed as the same Consciousness.  This is consciousness in the recognition of itself.
3.      Absorption with Form….. the simultaneity of both unified subject and object with the object slightly dominant over the subject….. or form over formlessness.  This is unified consciousness with presence.
4.      Absorption without Form….. the simultaneity of both unified subject and object with the subject slightly dominant over the subject….. or formlessness over form.  This is unified consciousness with absence.
5.      Unified Absorption (Sahaja Samadhi)….. the spontaneous and natural simultaneity of unified subject and object with precision balance.
     Consider your meditative experience within this progression.  Observe your experience and determine the level of your holistic awareness.  Remember that all of this progressive meditative experience is subtle dimensional dominance.  Witness Consciousness begins in the Subtle Dimension, absorption begins in the Causal Dimension and unified absorption begins in the Supracausal Dimension.  
     I suggest that you observe your meditative experience in this context through the coming weeks and journal about it.  Describe it in as much detail as you can.
     This is not about goal orientation or having a particular kind of experience.  It is simply being truthful about your experience. The more fully you experience the experience that is happening, the more the experience evolves and I can assure you there is always more….. subtler and subtler….. unto forever.

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Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon is a modern spiritual teacher, founder of Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality, and developer of the High-Tech Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle experience. His work over the past 40 years has helped transform the lives of millions worldwide who respect him as one of the truly innovative spiritual teachers of our time.