Giving Is It’s Own Reward

Written by Master Charles Cannon, Will Wilkinson


It doesn’t take something dramatic to help restore our faith in humanity.

Recently two Iowa students found and returned a wallet lost at their high school football game. It only contained a few dollars and ID but it’s their experience of returning it that’s worth noting. They said, “The feeling of giving that wallet back, the joy of his parents just made it that much better.”

Minor as this incident may seem midst the mammoth quagmire of global issues, it reminds us that real value is more than monetary.

They could have kept the wallet, spent the money, and no one would have known. Except them. But they chose to return it. They lost that money. But what did they gain? Well, they described it, the joy of giving. What a simple, inspiring lesson! It’s as simple as being truthful, making that choice.

Imagine the impact if we all did that, all the time? Let’s find out by joining those boys and doing the same with the choices we make. It won’t make headlines but it will create more joy.


About the Author

Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon is a modern spiritual teacher, founder of Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality, and developer of the High-Tech Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle experience. His work over the past 40 years has helped transform the lives of millions worldwide who respect him as one of the truly innovative spiritual teachers of our time.

Will Wilkinson

Will Wilkinson

Will Wilkinson has been a professional collaborative writer for decades. He has two of his own non-fiction books In print, a novel on the verge and two more non-fiction books in final edit stages. Meanwhile, he collaborates with contemporary wisdom keepers, helping them discover and refine their voice.