Why Do Half Baked Spiritual Teachers Permeate the West?

Half-baked masters or spiritual teachers permeate western cultures.  How did this happen?  How did the time-honored principle of the master spiritual teacher get lost in translation from east to west?
Fifty years ago, when a few master spiritual teachers came to the west from the east, they modeled the holistic state of being and empowered thousands in the process. 

It was a time of great awakening via the empowerment from authentic master spiritual teachers.  My Master was one such master spiritual teacher.  Many people were awakened to the holistic truth as he and other authentic master spiritual teachers taught by their very empowering presence.  They also taught with words because the west was uneducated and un-evolved in holistic experience.   But because the west was mired in the material myth, which is dominantly egocentric, many westerners saw an egocentric opportunity for their own advancement.  They saw the possibility that they could appoint themselves as spiritual teachers and make a lot of money in the process.  For remember, money is the god of the material myth.  So they learned the teaching… the holistic philosophy of life… the words… the concepts… and set aside the embodiment of it, the holistic state of being.  In other words they became half-baked masters. 

And this is easy to understand in the west.  From an egocentric perspective, the mind reigns supreme.  Westerners believe that if they know it, they have mastered it.  And this is what has been dominantly taught in the west ever since.  It remains egocentric and greatly limits the experience.  It is mere words, intellectual enlightenment without authentic holistic empowerment.  In other words, there is no sun or real suntan.  It’s the same experience you could have in any school.  It’s an experience of the mind, an intellectual enlightenment.