How to Access Subtle Dimensional Experience Every Day

Written by Master Charles Cannon


How to Access Subtle-Dimensional Experience Every Day

Acronym for B. A.  L. A. N. C. E. :  Balance  Actualizes  (Sourceful) Love  And   Nurtures  Constancy  (of)  Experience.

In order to create a solid foundation for transformational growth, one must develop consistent balance in the dense dimensions (physical, emotional and mental).  Without this foundation, we are not able to access the subtledimensions and create holistic  experience on a consistent basis.  Certainly, the dense dimensions are the most challenging to deal with and take a great deal of focus.  However, our ongoing, ever more expansive holistic experience is the reward for our focus and dedication.  So, let us look at the emotional dimension with this in mind.

E - Motion is simply energy in motion.  This energy is either moving freely or stored (stuck) in our multi-dimensional field.  Master spiritual teachers, such as Master Charles Cannon, have opened their energy channels and released all blockages, thus enjoying consistent heart coherence and the unity, bliss and holistic awareness that occurs when energy is free-flowing.  The rest of us are in various stages of clearing these blockages and constrictions so that we can access more subtle states of awareness, 24/7.

In the beginning, our blockages are felt as generalized feelings of stress, tiredness, and anxiety, along with physical symptoms such as aches, pains and a sense of struggling through the day.  In the emotional dimension, energy can be felt as different "moods" and reactions such as anger, sadness, fear, protecting and defending, separation, loneliness and so on… all of which play out in a unique way depending on our personal conditioning and past life events.

The first step towards emotional wholeness is to notice that these patterns are occurring throughout the day and to acknowledge and feel them rather than allow them to remain automatic responses.  By acknowledging and feeling them, we bring our awareness to them and can thus refine our focus further.

Once we become aware of the patterns that are triggered by certain situations, we may notice that even though the emotions evoke different feelings, they have a general,
underlying sense of sameness to them - just as a single color, blue for example, can
occur in many different shades, all of which are essentially blue.  This underlying sameness comes from the fact that all these seemingly different emotions with their attached thought patterns and judgments are simply energy - and this energy is either in motion or stuck.  

Once we can identify these emotions as simply energy that has certain patterns and judgments attached to them, we can begin to detach somewhat from the patterns as they occur.  This is an ever- progressive upward spiral, which usually involves periods of detachment when we can just watch what is happening, interspersed with moments when we are caught in the matrix of emotions and act out of them.

Over time and with persistent focus, more space is created between the arising of the emotion and our reaction to it.  This allows the opportunity for us to catch it as it arises and say, “Aha, there it is again - I've caught you this time and I am choosing just to feel you rather than acting out my habitual behavior whenever this arises.”  Thus, we begin to create emotional balance and responsibility.

If we then follow the thread of the feeling back into our being, we may be able to develop insight into that particular pattern, which assists us in clarifying the mind and developing self-understanding.  As self-understanding develops, we can refine our ability to stay with the feelings and not act out of them.  We become in effect, a transformational explorer.  This leads to the realization that all these emotional patterns and habits are simply reactions to past pains, blockages and conditioning stored in our unconscious, all of which need to be cleared. However, now we see them from an experiential perspective, rather than just a conceptual one.

This is the basis of evolutionary, ever- expansive transformation and true balance.  We encourage you all to continue your journey to wholeness and to bring focus to your emotional mastery.

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Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon is a modern spiritual teacher, founder of Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality, and developer of the High-Tech Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle experience. His work over the past 40 years has helped transform the lives of millions worldwide who respect him as one of the truly innovative spiritual teachers of our time.