How to Experience Magic and Miracles in Daily Life

Written by Master Charles Cannon


The Great Wisdom Traditions tell us, in one way or another, “There is only one.”  As a modern mystic, Master Charles says the same thing.  Intellectually, we can accept this, and yet, when we begin to see evidence of a more unified reality, we are baffled and may attempt to rationalize what we are experiencing.  Here is a recent example form a Synchronicity High-Tech meditator:

I began The Recognitions Program two years ago.  After about a year, I have begun to notice that strange coincidences seem to be occurring with increasing regularity.  These are things I used to read about, but now they are happening to me and I wonder if this is connected to my modern meditation practice?

For example, last week, I unexpectedly began thinking about someone I used to know, but whom I haven’t seen or heard from in over twenty years.  The very next day, I got a letter from her saying that she met someone who knew me and where I was living and decided to write.  Plus, I notice that more and more often, when things happen, it seems like I “know” they are supposed to happen and almost have a sense of “déjà vu” about them. Is this a part of meditation?

This meditator is simply describing a demonstration of the more unified nature of reality that co-exists with and underlies diversity.  

According to The Synchronicity Holistic Model of Reality, one consciousness underlies a multi-dimensional relative field of experience from subtle to dense. Within every dimension, there is the oscillation of the relative polarities, with the negative polarity dominant over the positive.  At the subtler levels of the relative field, this oscillation of polarities is quite accelerated, to the point that the speed of oscillation is beyond the ability of the mind to cognize it.  Thus, there is the experience of a continuity or simultaneity of reality in which everything is happening in an eternal now “present”, rather than sequentially in time.  

This experience of unified reality can also be described as the “magic and the miracle,” simply because such experience seems to move us beyond the very laws of nature that govern our reality in the usual sense.  However, this version of reality is experienced only by those who are open to the subtle dimensions and not by those focused primarily in the dense dimensions.  

In the denser mental, emotional and physical dimensions, (termed by Master Charles as the Primary Trinity), the oscillation of the relative polarities is much slower, and thus, our experience of reality at these levels is fragmented and events perceived as happening separately, one after the other, in a monotonous, time-based framework.  For almost everyone enmeshed within dense-dimensional reality, there is not much that is either magical or miraculous.    

The meditator described above, however, is experiencing a “breakthrough”. He or she is starting to notice a more unified experience of reality breaking through their ordinary life experience and it stands out because it is magical, (at least, compared to their life prior to these experiences).  This can be described as actualizing subtle- dimensional experience on an increasingly consistent basis thanks to the momentum of a daily meditation practice.  The result is an experience of being “already there” with whatever is happening.  While this is literally the truth, one must be at that level of holistic experience in which such a truthful reality arises.  If, in a unified state of experience there is simultaneity of reality, then everything that has, is and will happen (in dense-dimensional parlance), is happening NOW.  Therefore, one does not feel separate or isolated.  There is inclusion and intimacy with all and everything.  In this sense, one is always “at home.”  

So, there is nothing strange going on here.  Consciousness, is evolving its wholeness which is cause for celebration. This experience validates The Holistic Model of Reality and demonstrates that indeed, there is only one.


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Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon is a modern spiritual teacher, founder of Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality, and developer of the High-Tech Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle experience. His work over the past 40 years has helped transform the lives of millions worldwide who respect him as one of the truly innovative spiritual teachers of our time.