It is not the same thing to talk of bulls as to be in the bullring.

Written by Master Charles Cannon

“It is not the same thing to talk of bulls as to be in the bullring.”
Spanish Proverb

While we can forever talk about wakefulness and presence… it is not the same as the experience of wakefulness and presence.  Such is the acknowledged difference between concept and experience… or between what is termed intellectual versus existential enlightenment.  The former is never a substitute for the latter.  To think about wakefulness… to define it and to intellectually understand it… is far from the truthful experience of it.  As has been aptly said… the truth is forever beyond the mind.

So… let’s not waste any more time talking about it… or conceptualizing it or intellectually understanding it.  Rather… let’s simply experience it… right here and right now.  Let’s just observe our breathing.  Our breathing only ever happens in the here and now of true reality.  Wakefulness is the experience of the eternal now of true reality.  As we are observing ourselves breathing… we are wakeful within the eternal now of true reality.  Presence as blissful consciousness is the result of wakefulness within the eternal now.  So… just continue the observation of your breathing and enjoy wakefulness and presence.  It’s enough!

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