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Written by Master Charles Cannon, Will Wilkinson

Whale and a Baby Underwater

“Whales are communicating each half-hour the same amount of information as that in an entire book that would take us hours or days to read.” 1

From our vantage point of separation we can marvel at the intelligence of whales and dolphins while continuing to treat them as “second class citizens” because, without question, we remain the most intelligent species on the planet.

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Does it seem radically blasphemous to challenge such a conventional wisdom? James Lovelock wrote: “The discoveries I made came mostly from doubting conventional wisdom, and I would advise any young scientist looking for a new and fresh topic to research to seek the flaw in anything claimed by the orthodox to be certain.”

Of what are we certain? History is a long record of overturning certainties. Remember when the earth was flat, when our planet was the center of the universe, when smoking wasn’t linked to lung cancer, when asbestos was safe, when global warming wasn’t connected to human activity, etc., etc., etc? What more proof do we need that evolution demands overturning old certainties?

Whale Underwater

But it’s never easy. Innovators and inventors must fight the power of the status quo, which shores up its investments with statistics and proof. Not so fast.

“Published research findings are sometimes refuted by subsequent evidence, with ensuing confusion and disappointment. Refutation and controversy is seen across a range of research designs from clinical trials and traditional epistemological studies to the most modern molecular research. There is increasing concern that in modern research, false findings may be the majority or even the vast majority of published research claims. However, this should not be surprising. It can be proven that most published research claims are false.” 2

“Watching and listening to the cast of dancing puppets offered up as our next leaders, we can shake our heads at this relatively modern phenomenon of speaking lies loudly.”

Witness the braying of politicians, all those promises made on the campaign trail. Watching and listening to the cast of dancing puppets offered up as our next leaders, we can shake our heads at this relatively modern phenomenon of speaking lies loudly. Whoever has more conviction (and uses the most volume) wins. Truth loses. And, so do we.

It takes over 18 years before an acknowledged advance in medicine is incorporated into accepted practice. That’s a generous statistic! In fact, countless genuine breakthroughs remain buried under the weight of professional skepticism much longer. For instance, billions are spent on cancer research yet the established link between cancer cell growth and sugar is ignored, even though that connection was irrefutably established almost a hundred years ago and glucose is used to detect cancer… because that’s what cancer cells feed upon. Does that seem like intelligence?

There is hope. The greatest secret never reported is the awakening tide now sweeping through the human species. It’s no accident that more and more people are meditating, doing yoga, eating organic food, and going camping instead of shopping. This is a trend towards what we might call enlightenment or evolution in consciousness or just human progress.

Whale Underwater Looking Up at Island

Humanity 2.0 is being birthed and there are labor pains! Birth is always dangerous. The mother might die and, indeed, there’s discouraging signs that Mother Earth is at least wounded. And the child might be still born, or emerge with disabilities. Autism is on the rise, alarmingly so, but some commentators claim that all of us are autistic towards nature.

Whales communicate with each other, as do dolphins and scores of other species. In fact, all species communicate… they just do it in ways foreign to us. Whale songs last for years, they span thousands of sea miles, and include an unseen chorus. We can listen with our ears but that only acquaints us with the most superficial aspect of their communication. Where does the song come from? Do they sing alone or with each other or are they also singing along with something beyond themselves?

“The Bible speaks of The Word as the creative impulse that originated all form. “Om” is considered to be the fundamental tone of the universe. ”

Sages speak with awe about the “music of the spheres.” Meditators report on the “sound current.” The Bible speaks of The Word as the creative impulse that originated all form. “Om” is considered to be the fundamental tone of the universe.

Are we tone deaf? Or are we awakening to the symphony of life? If a revolution ever were needed to rescue humanity from itself, surely here is the way forward from lonely global vandalism to enlightened harmony.

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1. Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm, Stephen Harrod Buhner, page 391

2. John E. Landis of the Institute for clinical research and health policy studies, Department of Medicine, at Tufts University published a rather remarkable article in August 2005; the title is interesting: “Why Most Published Research Findings Are False.”

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