Not knowing how near the truth is… we seek it far away.

Written by Master Charles Cannon

“Not knowing how near the truth is… we seek it far away.”

It has been aptly said that what you seek… you do not have… and what you have you do not seek.  In truth… we only seek what we believe we do not have.  If we believe that the truth is separate and different from us… then we endlessly seek it… and never have it… because what we seek we do not have.  In this understanding… seeking is illusion… which always results in conflict and suffering.

To illusorily seek the truth then… is like looking for life while being alive. It’s a fantasy that we have become identified with… that we believe and therefore experience.  To relinquish illusory seeking… first necessitates the relinquishment of the illusory belief that is causative to it.  The truth of life… of consciousness… is not separate from us.  We are already it… right here and right now… because in truth it is all and everything. In truth… the truth of life is forever beyond all belief.  The proof is simple.  Just stop thinking and believing and observe that you are still alive.

This week… let’s remain wakeful of the truth of who we are and what life is… as one blissful consciousness.  Why not throw the illusory stories and beliefs and just enjoy being alive.  The truth really is this simple.

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