Nothing is Always

Written by Master Charles Cannon

“Nothing is always.”
Jane Yolen

We live in a relative reality and all experience is relative.  We cannot have one polarity without the other.  Without absence… there is no presence and likewise without nothing neither is there something.  The relative polarities are always oscillating and complimentary.  It is in this understanding that nothing is always.

Consider… without nothing we cannot experience something.  Subject and object are eternally entwined to deliver relative experience.  In the eternality of the relative field that governs all experience… nothing is always.

This week… let us endeavor to be more wakeful our eternally relative experience.  The relative polarities not only co-exist and are complimentary to each other… but in essence are the same consciousness.   Remember the holistic truth that there is only one and in holistic oneness there is great bliss.  Let us make this our focus for the week.

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Master Charles Cannon

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