Pointing directly at your own heart… you find Buddha.

Written by Master Charles Cannon

“Pointing directly at your own heart… you find Buddha.”

This quote reminds me of another.  It is of Saint Francis of Assisi… who said… Francis… what you are looking for… is what is looking.  Both quotes are from great mystics and reveal the truth of their holistic experience.

It could be said that the brilliance of evolved individuated consciousness… is that it can turn its gaze back upon itself… and be aware of itself as the consciousness that it is.  Such is termed holistic self-awareness.  It is the inclusive truth that we are… that all is… but one blissful consciousness.  As has been aptly said… if you want to experience the truth… look inside your own being.

This week… increase wakefulness and turn your gaze back upon yourself.  Open more fully to the truth that what you are looking for is what is looking… as but one blissful consciousness.  In this way… you will more fully enjoy the truth.

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