Reality 3.0 ... Harnessing Technology for the Evolution of Consciousness

Written by Sydney Miller

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“All of us are apprenticed to the same teacher that the religious institutions originally worked with: reality.” Gary Snyder

Everyone is a student of “reality”. We all learn about reality every minute of our day, with our minds and sensory perceptions and, through our experience of reality, we grow or evolve. We are genetically designed to do so for our survival, which is our primal concern. Yet, our realities differ drastically from one person to the next, and there is much excellent research which explains how that happens.

The study of how we create our realities then should be our primary focus if we are to make the kind of decisions necessary to creating the experiences of life we desire – one filled with balance, wholeness and fulfillment. This blog is about reality, how we create it, how we can change it, and what we might want to change it to. Bottom line, this is the evolution of our consciousness.

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To bring the discussion from concept to experience, we also need to look at the tools and technologies we use for creating our realities. Technologies are the result of tools and they have evolved from the first stone tools created 2.5 million years ago to today’s iPhones, satellites and inter-planetary rocket ships. They have so much influence on how we create our reality that the “Ages of Man” are often defined in terms of them: “Age of Industrialization” and “Age of Information.”

This website enabled by the internet tool is the technology you’re using right now to experience your reality and evolve your consciousness. And since this is a website about “modern spirituality”, I will offer information that applies to multiple dimensions of our experience. Our mental, emotional and physical dimensions are those we can more easily observe (and think we understand) but the spiritual or subtle dimension is less obvious. So there is great opportunity for exploration, experience and evolution. And there is much that can be of assistance in our world today, as it is the focus in research labs across the planet).

So welcome to this blog about reality with amazing possibilities for the evolution of consciousness and enabled by the harnessing of technology.


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About the Author

Sydney Miller

Sydney Miller

Syd Miller lives at the Synchronicity Sanctuary in Virginia, the international headquarters of Synchronicity Foundation, and is one of the founding members.  She met Master Charles Cannon when he was still with his teacher and has been with him ever since.  Her gratefulness for Master Charles and his work is reflected in this blog which focuses on "Reality 3.0 ... Harnessing Technology for the Evolution of Consciousness."