The Learning and Knowledge That We Have is at Most but Little ...

Written by Master Charles Cannon

“The learning and knowledge that we have is at most but little compared with that of which we are ignorant.”

We are enculturated to acquire knowledge.  We are taught that it is external to us and must be sought and found.  We must fill our minds with the content of life.  And so… from our earliest years… we busy ourselves with learning and knowledge acquisition.  In this way… we bind ourselves to the mind and its limited pool of knowledge.

But do we ever ask what is beyond the mind?  Do we ever look outside of the prison of the mind?  Is the mind full of thoughts, beliefs and stories… all there is?  Are we but programmed robots acting out our stored data?

The important question is what remains when the mind ends?  If the mind is still… if it is emptied of its data… what remains?  Is the end of limited mental knowledge… the beginning of trans-mental eternal truth?  All great masters have told us that it is.  And the gateway they all recommend is meditation.

This week… increase your meditative focus.  Sit quietly every day and explore the truth that is forever beyond the mind.  In this way… you might experience who you truly are and what life truly is.

Once again… I welcome you as one.

About the Author

Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon is a modern spiritual teacher, founder of Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality, and developer of the High-Tech Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle experience. His work over the past 40 years has helped transform the lives of millions worldwide who respect him as one of the truly innovative spiritual teachers of our time.