The meaning of life can be experienced but never explained.

Written by Master Charles Cannon

“The meaning of life can be experienced but never explained.”
Kenneth Rexroth

A finger pointing to the moon… is only ever a finger pointing to the moon.  It is not the moon itself. Such is the nature of thoughts, concepts, beliefs and definitions.  While they may point in the direction of the truth… they are not the experience of the truth.  Has it not been aptly said that the truth begins where the mind ends?

If the experiential truth of life is forever beyond mental definitions… then the remedy is simple. Just suspend the thinking mind and experience what remains when it ends.  This is why meditation was invented.  Meditation delivers the trans-mental experience of truth… the truth of the one blissful consciousness that is all.

This week… why not suspend fragmented thinking and replace it with an extra meditation?  If you are interested in experiencing the truth… this is an easy way.  Meditate.  Meditate. Meditate.

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