The Meditation Advantage

Written by Master Charles Cannon, Will Wilkinson


“When we raise ourselves through meditation to what unites us with the spirit, we quicken something within us that is eternal and unlimited by birth and death. Once we have experienced this eternal part in us, we can no longer doubt its existence. Meditation is thus the way to knowing and beholding the eternal, indestructible, essential center of our being.”
- Rudolf Steiner

The gulf between science and spirit continues to close, as a Psychology Today article I found on-line confirms.

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“In a very real way, you literally are changing your brain for the better when you meditate… In the end, this means that you are able to see yourself and everyone around you from a clearer perspective, while simultaneously being more present, compassionate and empathetic with people no matter the situation. With time and practice, people do truly become calmer, have a greater capacity for empathy and find they tend to respond in a more balanced way to things, people or events in their lives.” 1

During our recent retreat, we employed the latest in brain balancing technology to diagnose and balance brainwave patterns. Those of us who do this sort of work stand on the shoulders of the legendary pioneer Ana Wise, who, for almost three decades, measured the brainwave patterns of spiritual masters and meditation teachers. Her work resulted in establishing a standard, what she calls the Awakened Mind™, a specific brainwave profile that combines the four categories of brain waves– beta, alpha, theta, and delta in optimum relationship and correct proportion.


“Masters are in a state of thinking and meditating simultaneously, with a flow of connection between the two functions.”

As explained on her site: “Since beta is thinking and the combination of alpha, theta and delta is meditating, you can see (from the Awakened Mind™ profile) that the masters are in a state of thinking and meditating simultaneously, with a flow of connection between the two functions. Someone in the Awakened Mind™ brainwave state has access to the unconscious empathy, intuition, and radar of the delta waves, the subconscious creative storehouse, inspiration and spiritual connection of the theta waves, the bridging capacity, lucidity and vividness of imagery, and relaxed detached awareness of the alpha waves, and the ability to consciously process thoughts in beta – all at the same time!” 2

Brainwaves are measured in frequency (the speed of electrical pulses), and in amplitude (strength). A meditation practice increases amplitude. Alpha and Theta frequencies extend further outwards with strengthened Alpha waves indicating a sustained meditative state throughout waking hours, not just during specific meditation practice. The meditator is able to enjoy an expanded sense of personal presence, the timeless sensation of being, touched briefly by many during heightened, peak experiences, but sustained only by those who have meditated their way to this Awakened Mind™ profile.


The Psychology Today article offered a wise reminder: “… to maintain your gains, you have to keep meditating. Why? Because the brain can very easily revert back to its old ways if you are not vigilant (I’m referencing the idea of neuroplasticity here). This means you have to keep meditating to ensure that the new neural pathways you worked so hard to form stay strong.”

Through our work with long time meditators we continue to confirm the value of technology for accelerating brain balancing and sustaining meditative states. The system we use both diagnoses and treats, using feedback to make specific adjustments to brain wave frequencies. We also advocate for a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise, to support the core evolutionary work that daily meditation facilitates, particularly when a version of High Tech meditation is employed (such as what you are listening to right now if you clicked on the link near the beginning of this post).

In a world where so much seems out of our personal control, it’s empowering to know that the simple act of meditation can lead to the development of a significant “advantage” in living. What challenges and defeats many people can be taken in stride by the veteran meditator, who is able to maintain equilibrium midst the most severe crises and continue to offer a peace enhancing influence into their environment.

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Master Charles Cannon

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Will Wilkinson

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